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In part 2 of this series, we took a closer look at how millennials are changing workplace rules, and how employers need to adapt their Employee Value Propositions as a result. In our final chapter of this series, we list 3 practical steps you can take to attract millennials to your business!

1. Promote purpose over salary

A recent survey by PwC shows that millennials are attracted to employers who can offer more than just a good salary. While 44 percent of those questioned said competitive wages made an employer more attractive, 52 percent cited the opportunity for career progression as the most appealing prospect in a potential role. Furthermore, in LinkedIn’s Purpose at Work study, 74 percent of millennials reported that although they valued a competitive salary, they preferred to work in an environment where their input matters.

It’s important for employers to keep these figures in mind when attempting to attract millennials. Rather than make salary the primary selling point for the role, aim to promote any opportunities for collaboration, professional development and career progression within your organisation.

2. Don't stereotype millennials when creating job adverts

Millennials often receive a bad rap for being entitled, lazy and unable to form meaningful relationships both at work and in their personal lives. Although research shows that this notion is perhaps a tad out of touch with reality, many employers make the mistake of painting millennials with one brush stroke. In doing this, they ultimately overlook the fact that all humans are complex and possess unique personalities, interests and skills, regardless of what year they were born.

When creating a job advert for millennials, you should aim to answer to following questions:

  1. Are you honestly and sincerely portraying your company’s persona?

  2. What are the opportunities for continuous professional development?

  3. What is your culture and who are your people?

When in doubt, honesty is the best policy. You should avoid portraying your organisation as a hipster hot spot if that is not the case in reality, because any discerning individual will be able to detect your insincerity from a mile away! Not to mention that it is also insulting to assume that every millennial has a fixed wish-list when it comes to office environments, working styles and people.

Whatever you do, avoid modelling your advert after this one, which went viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons! Blaming millennials for your inability to adequately engage with and retain them as employees will not do you any favours. You will only succeed in portraying your organisation as the common denominator in its turnover rate, which will scare off any prospective employee regardless of their age.

3. Actively use social media and apps for recruitment

A recent study by Reprezent – a youth engagement social enterprise – showed that 80 percent of 18 to 24 year olds have used social media to look for work. Twitter was the most popular platform for this purpose, with 1 in 6 respondents visiting social media first when searching for employment opportunities. Millennials – particularly those with a lot to offer in terms of productivity and skills- value efficient and straightforward communication. This means that the more responsive and engaging you are as an employer, the more likely you are to attract these bright individuals to your organisation.

What is your company’s strategy to attract millennials? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch here!

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