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There’s no denying that artificial intelligence is reshaping the call centre and customer service industry, but not necessarily at the expense of humans. Rather than steal jobs, digital innovation and automation actually enhances productivity and service delivery. In part 1 of this 2 part series, take a look at 3 different ways that AI is positively influencing the industry.

1. Targeted marketing practices based on customer behaviour

The use of big data has allowed call centre managers to analyse customer behaviour and use that information to structure their marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence technology may be used to interpret big data to identify customer browsing patterns, purchase history, recent access to customer devices, and most visited webpages. With this detailed information, brands can in turn use AI to offer personalised recommendations to customers as they browse online or communicate with brands through messaging apps, follow up with those who have abandoned shopping carts, and generally revise marketing practices based on knowing which products and services are getting the most attention.

2. Bot assistance for faster and more personalised services

Perhaps the most popular current trend in AI-powered customer service is chat bots. Through various chat interfaces such as messaging apps, chat bots simulate intelligent conversation and are able to perform a multitude of tasks that enrich the customer experience. A simple version of chat bots performs limited question and answer functions, offering factual responses to specific questions such as the address of a retail store or the current weather in a certain city. However, chat bots powered by sophisticated AI technology interpret language and become smarter as a conversation progresses, offering increasingly detailed responses to customer requests. In both cases, customers are seeing the benefit of faster, more personalised, and more in-depth service like never before.

3. Intelligent assistants perform more sophisticated tasks

Intelligent assistants have been around for awhile, but their role and capabilities have become far more sophisticated as they have evolved into customer service channels. From Facebook to Amazon, many companies have unveiled intelligent assistants that assist customers with anything from placing food orders to buying retail clothing online. The growing sophistication of such technology is making it possible for people to use natural language interfaces with greater ease and stronger results.

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