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When you choose a career in professional services, managing further study alongside your full time job is inevitable. Whilst you’re fully aware of the long term career benefits of a post graduate qualification, juggling your work commitments with study sessions and your personal life isn’t easy.

Here are our top tips for balancing work with your study so that no aspect of your life is compromised:

  • Save The Dates: Use a diary or calendar to track important deadlines, exam dates and events in your personal life too. That way, you can plan to complete any assignments or revision without anything important being compromised.


  • Create a time table for your study time and stick to it – knowing you have allocated specific time for study will help you keep on track. Work out how much reading you need to do and break it down into manageable chunks – allocating some to each day. Make sure this is achievable so neither your studies nor work is compromised.


  • Quality Not Quantity

    Think about how you spend time over the course of the day and Identify where there may be some free time for study. Your daily commute, waiting for appointments, picking up children from school and make the most of your breaks at work. Resist the temptation to join others for lunch and find somewhere quiet to revise. Short, focused study sessions can be very effective. Always have study material readily available; a video blog to watch, documents downloaded or even converted into audio files to listen to in the car.

  • Look after yourself– Balancing the commitments of a full time job with studies can be exhausting. Resist the urge to rely on counter productive late night study sessions and avoid the temptation to use caffeine to keep you awake, it will disrupt your sleep and lead to fatigue the next day. Eat well and plan ahead for exam times by filling your freezer with healthy meals to keep you going.


  • Take Time Out: It’s easier said than done, but try to make time for yourself – although your work and study commitments are crucial to your career plan, it’s important to strike the work-life balance and find some time to relax and look after yourself.

Finally, keep the end result and that qualification at the forefront of your mind. Your goal is achievable and with focus and commitment you can do this!