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The much anticipated long weekend will soon be upon us. Much like those of us who seek candidates under the pressure of the highly competitive world of recruitment, young and old alike will be following a trail of clues to find the best eggs and grand prize in the hunt.

Here are 5 recruitment parallels you can draw from an Easter Egg Hunt:

1. You need to pay close attention and follow the trail

Easter egg hunts are all about following the trail of clues and gathering goodies along the way to the grand prize. In recruitment, it’s essential to pin point which candidates demonstrate the core skills, competencies and values that a client is looking for. You need to be willing to explore all the possibilities without fear or favour. Be proactive, and don’t just wait for candidates to come to you. Seek them out online, social media and ask for referrals from individuals within your network, because the more you look, the more likely you are to strike gold.

When you are considering which candidates to shortlist, you need to pay close attention to any clues which indicate who may be a good fit for the role. Remember that culture is everything these days, so be sure to ask targeted questions that get to the heart of who they are as people, and compare personalities against the client's requirements.

2. The best candidates are not always easy to find

A truly exceptional job-seeker most likely isn’t seeking a job, so as a recruiter, you need to go into the hidden corners of the forest and seek them out. Once you have found someone who ticks all the boxes, but seems content in their role, you need to be confident enough to make the recommendation that they choose a job switch. A LinkedIn survey found that 81 percent of fully employed people are open to an exploratory discussion. So rather than bombard them with the job switch prospect, ask them what their thoughts on it would be first. Remember that market research is the key to maintaining a competitive edge.

3. A competitive edge gets results

The fact of the matter is that recruitment is a candidate-driven market. So in order to find the best job-seekers or passive candidates, you need to be hungry, competitive and driven. Every day you are competing against recruiters who represent powerhouse firms, and as such you need to be ruthless. You need to be willing to discover hidden talent, and successfully convince top prospects to choose you, even if that means going head to head with some of the multiple choices they have to choose from.

4. The flashiest CV doesn't always reveal the best candidate

Although some candidates may seem ideal on paper, they may not always live up to the grand proclamations on their CV. Plenty of candidates look good on the outside but make us regret our choice once we’ve sampled who they are as people. Indeed, it might be a good rule of thumb to assume that a shiny and pretty wrapper is trying to distract us from the lower-quality product within.

Instead, you should look for substance by connecting to a candidate on a deeper level, looking for warning signs that they may be a bad egg.

5. Find a candidate you don't want to let go

Letting go of an employee is a hard and often expensive process. As a recruiter, you need to be careful about how you choose and how much time you devote to exploring each candidate. Remember that instant business may be temporarily beneficial, but if the candidate doesn’t work out in the role due to misplaced expectations, then that could cost you your credibility and a lasting business relationship with both your client and your candidate.

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