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Search’s own Luke Thacker, along with his fiancée Hannah and their adorable miniature dachshund, Dolly, gave fellow contestants a taste of style before substance in the couples’ edition of Channel 4’s hit TV show, Come Dine with Me.

The show was an excellent opportunity for the Consultant and the Graphic Designer to showcase their new pad and its vibrantly eclectic décor, whilst trial running their upcoming wedding menu on a group of critics who, unlike friends and family, are not in the business of holding back punches.

Cast as a somewhat fastidious foodie, Luke spent as much time roasting a rack of a lamb as he does on his appearance – which judging by his immaculate peacock hairdo, most likely spans the length of an Aldi queue on a Friday afternoon.

Although the couple’s starter ‘Pea & Parma Ham Soup with a Parmesan Crisp’ went off a treat, as their tales of young love and flamboyant marriage proposals generated amusement from their fellow contestants, it was not enough to earn them 1st place in the ranks. Their underestimation in cooking time for their main course, ‘Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack, Potato Dauphinoise and Mixed Sea Vegetables’ , combined with too much flossing, frying and faffing about on an over-complicated dessert, ‘Brighton Rocks’ resulted in a plummet to last place.

But, it was not all gloom and doom in a show that entertains its viewers by bringing the unlikeliest of individuals together. The contestant melting pot consisted of some diverse generations and cultures, with Nigerian royalty and a former hypnotist/clergyman in the mix.

Although the episode was meant to be all about food and fine dining, participants broke the rules by exhibiting their festive flair through musical theatrics. Luke proved himself to be something of a cringing crooner as he serenaded one of his fellow contestants, bringing a merry round of laughter from the rest.

While it was unfortunate that the young love birds were unable to secure a win, Luke notes that his debut on the show was a positive experience all round, saying: “Although I may have been a bit of a perfectionist and villainous food critique, we were fortunately a fun group of people who made our nights together very enjoyable and entertaining.”

“Apart from missing out on the spoils of televised culinary clashes, my only alteration would be to give Dolly some more scenes. She is seriously the cutest, but unfortunately she only got a 30 second cameo… ”

Luke maintains that their performance on the show has not deterred his dreams of continuing to pursue culinary fame on TV. “I hope to be featured on MasterChef someday in the future,” he adds.

Let’s just hope he can whip up a signature dish in under 60 minutes.