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Customer service recruitment is often one of the most challenging for any agency or hiring manager to master. It is an industry that employs over one million people across the country and often recruits in high volume to supply huge demand during service peaks.

Because of the nature of the industry, call and contact centres constantly need to replenish their candidate talent pools to fill the jobs left open by outgoing or promoted staff. Given the volume of attraction required and the variety of candidates that can be targeted, the number of challenges contact centre recruitment managers must solve can be huge. 

In order to help you we examine six solutions that call centre hiring managers and recruiters can embrace to attract more candidates.

Offer discounted travel or shuttle connections to remote site locations  

Some national and global organisations must have their sites based on the outskirts of towns/cities due to their size parameters. This makes commuting for candidates living in residential centres more of a challenge and can be off-putting for some with additional responsibilities e.g. childcare. Consequently, smaller local competitors based near convenient public transport links are a much more attractive proposition for a large percentage of candidates. 

To combat this, some centres situated on residential outskirts have begun to offer either discounted/free travel on public transport or specialist shuttle connections for all of their staff. This has allowed candidates access to more disposable income making a potentially longer commute much more attractive. Internal research suggested companies who have introduced this scheme saw a significant uptake in local applications when listed as an additional perk in job descriptions. 

Engage with candidates on social media

With the huge variety of similar choice available for candidates, it is difficult to sell an individual company’s benefits or culture as the best in the region when information on competitors is so readily available. Candidates can easily compare and contrast a company’s perks using online employee transparency sites like Glassdoor or seek out online reviews on sites Indeed and Google.

If you can, demonstrate that you are engaging with feedback offered by employees. Candidates will see that you are listening to their opinions, are willing to engage in discussions online and potentially make changes to business practices based on employee feedback. This ensures seeds of doubt can be placed in candidates that rival companies might not be as engaged with their workforce resulting in more turning towards your brand.

Embrace Smarter Job Advertising

The changing nature of job seekers’ activity on social media means that traditional methods of reaching candidates are sometimes no longer the best. Industry experts are now certain that simply posting to job boards no longer guarantees receiving 100 quality applications. 

Using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can now regularly post and funnel advertisements directly towards carefully selected demographics. Using specific targeting software, call centre recruiters can optimise their local reach for high volume campaigns, and improve the overall quality of applications they receive.

Offer a variety of benefits alongside salaries

Most entry level salaries in the UK often act as a deterrent to candidates for a variety of reasons. Although research has shown entry level call centre salaries are some of the most generous in the UK, it is sometimes not enough to just promote this fact to the talent pool.

Almost all employers now recognise that they need to offer a wide variety of benefits to entice candidates and ensure their company is as desirable as possible. These include:

  • Financial incentives for both inbound and outbound advisor rolls

  • Pensions

  • Childcare vouchers

  • Discounted store products

  • Flexible working hours

Statistics have shown that the more benefits a company can provide, the higher the candidate satisfaction, engagement and retention. These coupled with promoting what candidates can gain from working in call centres are effective pincer movements that can entice candidates away from other entry level roles. 

Ensure both parties have obtainable expectations

Research suggests that clients and managers were found to occasionally have unrealistic expectations for candidates to match whilst on the job. These may be KPI targets or expected working hours/shifts for candidates with other commitments. This often led to many candidates walking away from the initiation process after learning what some managers expected.

Before engaging in a high volume recruitment drive, floor managers and executives must make sure they set obtainable targets and expectations for entry level staff. This will give competent candidates an early confidence boost during a potentially daunting period. These objectives can still be gradually increased after an initiation process but will feel much more achievable for the staff.  

Invest in multi language specialists

With a number of call centres requiring a multi lingual division for international or non-native English speaker calls, the need to source additional fluent speakers of other languages is becoming a necessity. As well as trying to tackle the challenges listed above, recruiters must also source from a comparatively smaller pool. This means that companies must maximise as much time and human resource as possible.

Those who are can articulate in two or more languages understand how complicated communication between two cultures can be. They are much more knowledgeable on when specific occasions require sensitivity and seriousness. 

Researchers also found that people who spoke several languages could process information more quickly and efficiently than those who only knew one. This ability to distinguish what’s irrelevant allows these individuals to hone their internal processing skills, making them ideal staff members for all contact centres and recruitment agencies. 


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