Why call centres should keep up with Generation Y!

We are living in an age that largely demands instant connectivity, communication and gratification. The sad reality is that many customer service centres are still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to understanding and accommodating an increasingly fast-paced and complex millennial clientele. We debunk the customer service experience that millennials are demanding, and what companies can do to keep up with the times.

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Millennials are the future clientele

Technology has undoubtedly evolved over the years, and with it sprung forth a new wave of digitally innovative businesses such as Uber and Airbnb, among others. These businesses that optimise customer service experience through the use of instant, digital solutions represent the modern generation of customers with an elevated standard of what they believe to be excellent customer service. Companies that fail to acknowledge the forward-thinking mentality of today’s customer base are at an increased risk of falling behind in the race towards business success.

Understand what Generation Y wants, and delivering it

The world as we know it is continuously changing, and many individuals from the current generation are actively seeking new solutions to improve the quality and productivity of their lives. Everything has become faster, more efficient, so it’s no surprise that millennials expect these same traits in their customer service experience. The infographic below, originally published in the journal, Interactive Business, gives us an idea of what millennial customers want and need in their customer service experience:


How companies can cater to a millennial client base

When it comes to customer service efficiency and consistency, millennials have high expectations. Queries must be dealt with in real time, and failure to do so could see any business become the subject of a negative review on social media. Not to mention that we also live in a highly competitive society, providing millennials with the opportunity to easily consult a competitor should you fail to provide them with the optimal customer service experience that they so desperately require.

“The companies famous for customer service all have one thing in common: they give their customer service agents the power to solve problems, give them all the support they need, and get out of their way,” advises Carl Henderson, Content and Social Media Marketing Manager at SalesForce.

Here are 2 ways that you can do just that:


  1. Integrate access to data: It’s no longer enough to just communicate one-on-one via a phone call, and a customer’s bad experience could easily become the focus of an unhappy mob on social media. Be sure to provide your agents with access to all communication channels so that they can pick up queries or complaints in real time, and possibly follow up the discussion with a phone call or an email. While it may be easier for customers to broadcast a negative experience on social media, it is just as simple for them to congratulate a company on their good service. Going above and beyond to rectify negative experiences will make customers sing your praises.
  2. Connect customers to the right agents: Too many times call centres will receive a call from a customer who is looking for an agent with specific knowledge or expertise on the particulars of their query. Understandably so, it can be frustrating for an existing customer when they are connected to an agent who treats them as a first-time customer, and who doesn’t have sound knowledge of a complex query. The good news is that modern call centre solutions provide companies with the opportunity to speed up the process and enforce customer service consistency by connecting customers to the right agents. You should create a frictionless Click-to-Call experience by installing a system whereby customers can enter their phone number on a webpage or app and receive a call back connecting them to your existing call centre. These systems also provide context, enabling agents to determine what the nature of the call might be based on where it comes from, be it a particular company or brand page.


The bottom line is that in order to stay ahead of the game as far as customer service is concerned, you need to strive to hop on the digital innovation wagon, and steer it towards a brighter and more successful business future.

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