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If there is one thing that we have learned about successful and iconic organisations, it is that they are in constant pursuit of innovation and growth, making them adaptable to the latest trends in the complex and ever-changing world of business.

Earlier this year, Deloitte University released a Global Human Capital Trends report highlighting what many business directors felt should be key areas of focus in 2016. Today, we examine the trends of Organisational Design, Leadership Diversity and Digital HR, and find out what companies can do to rise neck and shoulders above the rest!

Goodbye hierarchy, hello people power!

While many companies may still cling to traditional hierarchies, innovative organisations are beginning to question how effective it is in encouraging staff productivity, creativity and communication.

“Hierarchies can stifle creativity and create bureaucracy, which can be damaging if the business prides itself on agility and innovation,” cautions Heather Newton-Lewis, head of people and organisation development at Rockpool Digital.

In addition to slowing down progress on deliverables, a strict and authoritarian chain of command can often make employees feel under-valued and unchallenged. This can lead to a lack of motivation to improve their skills and grow within a company. For this reason, Lewis recommends giving decision making power back to the people, allowing them to create, innovate and lead in their area of expertise.

“Encourage project teams to take ownership of the way they work and allow them to plan their projects around what’s right for the team, the company and of course the client.” 

Diversity in leadership

Recent statistics show a great need for leadership diversity in the UK.

According to a recent survey by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, only 13 percent of FTSE companies provided training on equality law and how to minimise unconscious bias. Another study published in Diversity Matters found that a staggering 52 percent of respondents felt that CEOs did not see the benefits of diversity.

Peter Reichwald, founder of Engage and Director at Harvey Nash Board Practice, released this statement in response to the statistics: "We should be deeply concerned by the evidence from the most senior ethnic minority leaders suggesting recruitment and promotion is not necessarily based on merit, but what you look like. Despite these barriers, these individuals have made it to the highest levels and we must ask ourselves if this is what we want for future generations.” 

There are many rewards to be reaped from encouraging more leadership diversity within the workplace, these include, but are not limited to, strategic innovation as a result of diverse voices and a wider demographic reach due to diverse representation.

Digitalising HR and the use of people analytics

More emphasis needs to be placed on the crucial role of technology in facilitating increased engagement and innovation within HR.

Undergoing a digital revolution through the use of people analytics has been shown to increase employee engagement and enable personnel within HR to measure return on investment, and thus present a thorough and strong case for innovation. 

“HR has been deficient over the years in contributing hard numbers to the organisation. We need to find a way to make our intuitive decisions more data-based and our data-based decisions more intuitive,” advises Kevin Ball, HR vice president at IT solutions provider CDK Global.

So rather than cling to the traditional characteristics of HR, department representatives should be trained in analytics and digital operations in order to optimise engagement with employees. Furthermore, employers can cut back on the cost of their time and resources by employing candidates who hold more than just the traditional skills associated with HR.

Can you keep up with the times?

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