Top 5 Tips to Maximise Your Call Centre Performance

Most people who have worked as a call centre agent can testify to the challenging nature of the role. From rude and angry customers, to having little or no time to catch a much-needed break, call centre agents have a great deal more on their plate than many will give them credit for.

But let’s not minimise the role of directors and team managers, who carry the weight of their team’s performance on their shoulders. “Whilst everyone wants to provide a great customer experience, motivate staff and ensure compliance, achieving all that while still keeping a focus on productivity can be a big challenge,” says Robert Bates, Executive Chairman of cloud-based contact centre provider Ultracomms.

Here are some of our top tips to help you motivate your team, and consequently elevate their level of productivity and deliverables: 

Ensure that your team has updated tools and resources for the job:

In addition to providing thorough training for your staff, it is important to note how technology impacts your team’s performance. Some directors shy away from advanced tech for fear that it will give customers an impersonal experience. However, Bates maintains that keeping operating systems updated will prove beneficial.

“While technology does automate some processes, it can also help enhance agent experience, while keeping productivity levels up. For example, effective use of call blending can not only provide agents with more variety, by handling both incoming and outgoing calls, but can also have a significant impact on productivity.”


Offer regular feedback:

While it may be easy to note an individual’s stellar performance, it may seem significantly more daunting to highlight areas where a team member may be struggling. Remember that there is a time and place to break unwelcome news to an individual, and look out for signs in behaviour whilst being mindful of how you present your feedback.

If you detect that a team member may be emotionally frazzled, wait for a calm moment to approach them for a discussion. Although your feedback may not be positive, you can still empathise with their struggle, and teach them how to do better.


Provide an appealing work environment:

This should be done on both a visual and social level. Studies show that working in an office that is light, brightly coloured and adorned with various potted plants can boost employee morale and elevate productivity within a company.

However, a good working environment doesn’t stop at your surroundings. Building a team spirit through after-work social events and regular interaction at the office (even if just to vent about a difficult call), will foster increased engagement among colleagues and result in an interactive and positive work environment.


Incentivise your team and reward good work:

It should go without saying that rewarding excellent performance will motivate employees to strive towards delivering an optimal standard of work. Awards based on competition, such as an ‘Employee of the Month’ programme, allows you to reward winners with special prizes e.g. shopping vouchers, all expenses paid spa treatments, or simply cash.   

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pull out all the stops by dishing out lavish rewards. Rewarding good performance can be as simple as a thumbs up or a public acknowledgement of a specific achievement. 


Remember that a happy team means a happy client:

It’s important to motivate your team and keep their mental and emotional wellbeing a top priority. “Creating a happier work environment starts with a company that is willing to listen to what employees want and value,” says Blake Morgan, VP of Communications for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.

By providing a friendly and positive work environment that shows genuine care for the wellbeing of its employees, you will essentially encourage your team to pay the courtesy forward to customers. Economists at the University of Warwick also found that happiness in the workplace made employees more productive by up to 12 percent.


Do you have what it takes?

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