#SocialRecruiting: why social networking has so much to offer employers

Remember the good old days? When we used to communicate with family, friends and colleagues with a phone call or a good old fashioned text message?


The days of using phone and text exclusively are long gone, with social media and mobile technology transforming the suite of channels available to us when communicating for business or leisure. Over one billion people are active on Facebook, two billion minutes of calls are made with Skype every day and more people use Snapchat and WhatsApp than the entire population of China.


So what does this mean for the world of recruitment? In my years as a consultant, I’ve seen the hiring landscape for marketing, PR and communications roles change dramatically with a number of common themes emerging from the increase use of technology and in particular, social media:


Social media is a great place to find talent

You’ll rarely see a marketing job title containing the word ‘online’ these days, as the use of technology has become an integrated part of nearly all marketing, comms and PR roles. Therefore, it’s no surprise that any marketing professional operating in today’s environment are incredibly social media savvy (or at least they should be!). Marketing and comms practitioners, more than any other profession, generally have detailed, up-to-date social media profiles and will be regularly posting updates and sharing content. As a result, some detailed searching on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ should yield results when looking for talent, especially if you define your search with key skills and a location.



Make sure you’re mobile friendly

Most people access websites through their mobile – one statistic places consumer preference for using a smartphone to surf the web at 81%. As an employer, you should think about how the info that you put in the public domain looks on a mobile device. Is your website mobile optimised, and have you considered introducing an app? Is the content you write concise and easy to read to that people reading it on a phone will find it easy to process? Ensuring that content works well on mobile and tablet devices will help you better engage with your audience, including potential employees.


You are what people find online

I always tell the candidates I work with to give their social media accounts a thorough clean out before they start job hunting, as seemingly innocent photos of a holiday or night out can be viewed in a different light by prospective employers. However, it’s sage advice for employers too! It’s definitely worth setting out some time to research how you come across to job seekers and passive candidates. What do people see when they type your company name into Google? Are your individual and company profiles up to date on LinkedIn? Where do you appear when someone types your industry sector and location into a search engine? Do you appear at all? These are all important questions that you should ask yourself when recruiting new staff.


Think like the marketing/PR/comms person you’re trying to recruit

Job searching websites such as Indeed, S1 and Reed remain important places for job seekers to look for new jobs, so these should continue to be core channels when advertising a job. However think about other methods. LinkedIn can be an effective way of advertising a role, both by posting the details to your personal and company news feed, but also by using LinkedIn’s paid advertising features. This will allow you to target a job or newsfeed message to a people who match the criteria you set on qualifications, experience, industry or skills. Although it requires a bit of financial outlay, it’s definitely worth considering doing this as so many people in marketing, PR and comms are active on LinkedIn. Equally, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer paid advertising options worth exploring to help you reach a defined audience based on location and skillset.


At Search, we recognise the increasingly important role that social media plays when recruiting exceptional marketing candidates. That’s why when you use us to find your next marketing hire, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke social media strategy to ensure that we find the perfect candidate for your business.


For more info on how to unlock social media as a candidate database, contact me at [email protected]


Fiona Todd is a specialist recruitment consultant at Search Consultancy focusing on marketing, advertising, communications and public relations roles. Based in Glasgow but with clients and candidates across the whole of Scotland, Fiona knows the market inside out and can help you find marketing professionals who will be a perfect fit for your business.



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