Returning to work after a Festival – 6 Top Tips

If you’re one of the thousands preparing to return to work after a certain lager sponsored festival you may be instantly regretting not taking the day off work! Here at Search we certainly can’t do anything to help your hangover, but here are our top tips to help you through the first day back at work:


  1. Think before you speak – Tip 1 is important at all times but never more so than your first day back. You may have a couple of classic tales from the weekend, however if they involve a crate of cider it may be one to leave at the door. If you wouldn’t tell your mother don’t tell your colleagues!

  2. Don’t arrive at work still under the influence - we really shouldn’t have to explain this one in any more detail!

  3. Take Monday and Tuesday as annual leave. This advice is of absolutely no use to you now! But learn your lesson for next year and make sure to take a couple extra days of annual leave so you can feel completely human again before returning to work.

  4. If you have a choice between the Thursday or Tuesday to take off work always pick Tuesday, as going a day early to get a cracking camp spot and to ‘take in the atmosphere’ might sound great in the months leading up to it, but come Tuesday you will realise this was a fatal error of judgement!

  5. Get as much sleep as you can – if possible try to leave the campsite as early as you can to ensure you get a good nights sleep as the lack of sleep will soon start catching up with you.

  6. Start the detox! – Plenty of water and as much healthy food as you can handle, that burger and beer may be tempting but it is the last thing your body is looking for.


Once your first day back is over be sure to congratulate yourself immensely for your achievement, now just to see through the rest of the week…


If you have a constant fear about going to your work it may be time to think about a change, check out the jobs on our website or pop into one of our offices. Just remember to leave the wellies at home!

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