Recruitment Detox for 2017


As a recruiter, you may have developed some bad habits that could tarnish your credibility and discourage profitable business relationships! With the New Year upon us, read on to find out what recruitment consultants need to stop doing in 2017!


...Expecting the perfect candidate to fall on your lap...

In times of uncertainty, individuals who are permanently employed will be reluctant to risk a steady income by quitting their job on a whim. For this reason, recruiters will need to work harder to seek out their candidates. Keep your expectations realistic, and don’t pass up a decent candidate who may have just a couple of desirable skills missing. Instead, focus on an individual’s desirable qualities - such as attitude, work ethic and passion - that they can bring to your client.

...Thinking that your candidates are only applying for your jobs...

Good candidates will always be in demand and have multiple options to further their career prospects. Never assume that their final interview will be with you. Instead, look out for warning signs (such as them rescheduling appointments for a sudden family emergency or stating unreasonable requirements during the late stages of the screening process) which indicate that your candidate may be having second thoughts. Aim to have an open and honest line of communication with your candidate so that they will feel inclined to confide in you about any reservations they may have, and what other opportunities they may be considering.

...Creating dull job adverts...

Ditch the job spec, and cut out the obsession with key words and stating the obvious through long lists of ‘duties and responsibilities’! A decent candidate will already know what skills will be required for the role, so focus on the bits of the job that matter. Think about the really interesting, challenging and unusual qualities of the role and use them as your opening gambit. These can include anything from salary, to benefits and opportunities for growth within the organisation. If you must use your favourite job ad phrases, if ‘fantastic opportunity’, then be sure to tell your reader why!

It is also beneficial for recruiters to think outside the box and incorporate creative elements into their job adverts. For example, if there are any days or events of interest, then tie your job ad to it. Chris Newman’s Christmas Job advert to attract candidates to a Sales Management position is a perfect example of how powerful a little creativity can be in the recruitment business. The fact of the matter is that candidates will be more inclined to read the job advert till the end if the copy is original and grabs their interest!

...Overthinking and Procrastinating...

Don’t leave it until mid January to execute your sales plan or to make the sales calls! Take a baby step on an unwanted task by working on it immediately, and then planning to finish the task by breaking it up into manageable amounts. Create a task list to first work on the aspects you like the least. It may even be helpful to set reminders on your work computer or tablet, making sure that the time you allot is a realistic amount for working on the project.

By doing what you least like first, you can get ahead of procrastination. At the very least, the worst part will be over before you know it. Scheduling out a project in this manner is a big stress reducer and can help you manage your work week more effectively.

Another great way to manage your time and avoid procrastination is to set your timer for 15 minutes, and get to work on your project. Stop when the timer goes off. Based on your first 15 minutes, you can gauge how long it will take you to finish the project. You can also pull out your calendar this January, and look at your scheduled tasks and meetings. Ask yourself if the time allotted is realistic. Remember that you can't schedule meetings back to back. In your travel time, allow time for issues that come up – such as spilling coffee, stopping for petrol, dealing with a frozen computer or updating a co-worker – and schedule accordingly.

...Spamming people...

If you’re in recruiting, or even tangentially touch the employment industry, stop sending out nonsensical emails about employment opportunities! Not only is spam obnoxious, but it will also prevent you from pushing good jobs from through to ideal candidates for the role. People are preconditioned to immediately disregard any email, even alluding to job opportunities, so opt for instant chats or phone calls instead.

We hope you successfully detox in 2017, and race towards recruitment success in the months to come!

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