How To Get Your Company Noticed By Candidates


There are hundreds of thousands of jobs on websites on the internet with over 79% of all businesses conducting their recruitment searches online. Every employer is vying to find the right candidate to fulfil their vacant position, and it is up to you to make sure that your business stands out as the one that will be their first choice for employment. There are ways in which you can help your business attract the most – and the best - candidates out there, but how do you start?

1.     An Attractive Job Advertisement

Nobody will apply to a job advertisement that looks boring – that is a fact. The most successful businesses will already have a pre-established formula they use in their job advertisements to attract the best talent on the market. Finding the correct way to present your company is important, and the first step is to let your candidates know that you understand how to offer a job that can best match their expectations.

For example, a job advertisement that simply states ‘Help Wanted for Shop’ does not sound nearly as inviting as a job title that reads as ‘Retail Assistant Wanted, Part-time, Wage negotiable’. The latter business has thought about a good, attractive title for the role, outlined the hours required and shown that there is room for negotiation depending on skills for wages – all attractive to potential candidates. Make sure that you do not deny your potential candidates any valuable information you cannot afford to miss in their first glance at your business’s positions.

2.     Create Recruitment Videos


Having more than written content, where suitable, could potentially help your company to look more appealing to candidates. It is true that we often learn more by looking and listening, as reading can leave some candidates easily bored where walls of text may make them miss valuable information. Videos can be as simple or as informative as you wish. Letting candidates know you are seeking to help them find a job in the easiest terms is a good place to start, and that your position is the best available.

A video can show the inner workings of your company and give candidates some faces to put behind the advertisements. Some candidates may prefer to know that there are people behind the jobs they want to apply for, and this is your chance to make your business approachable.

3.     Share Your Content on Social Media

Keeping up to date on social media can make your business a lot more appealing to candidates. Not sure how to promote your business? Start out small. The recruitment video you just made? Post it to social media and let it be shared by those who are interested. You will find people liking, sharing, and tagging friends in your posts – all generating much-needed attention for your business.

What’s more, with millions of people using social media every day, your business could potentially create viral content that could be seen worldwide. What better way is there to make a good name for your company than providing an outlet for information, quality content links, and active communication with your customers?

4.     Offer Outstanding Benefits


Giving your company the edge in the competition for exceptional candidates is never easy, but there are ways in which you can send the message to potential employees that your business is the most attractive by giving your candidates benefits. Half-days on a Friday, dress-down days, even bring a cake to work day – there is nothing your business can’t offer your potential recruits.

There are plenty of opportunities for your business to make exceptional headway in recruiting, and a lot of the time it can be down to the benefits. Jobs can all sound the same, but it is the company’s unique offerings that attract candidates to apply. Advertising for paid holidays, paid staff nights out, or the opportunity to work from home can all be the appeal your ideal candidates are looking for.

Keep Your Business On Top

Don’t let your competitors steal the talent your business is looking for. Recruitment solutions don’t come easy, but ensuring that your business is doing all it can to attract candidates is a process that will bring you success. Search work alongside clients to find the best recruitment solutions, so if you are unsure of where your business’s recruitment is going, let us help you find the best candidates.

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