How to Build Healthy Workplace Relationships


When in work it is often your colleagues that make you smile every day. They can sometimes be frustrating, sometimes overbearing, but most of all they are there to work alongside you and help you. Developing a good working relationship is crucial for your personal success – as well as theirs and that of the business as a whole. Not getting on with your colleagues can indicate some real problems, and you should work to find solutions. Above all though, you should work to have a good relationship with your colleagues from day one to avoid such problems. Here are six handy tips for how to build a better relationship with your workmates and advice for current job seekers.


1. Don't Gossip

Rule number one in any job or social circle is to not spread gossip. You may think you have heard something interesting about a colleague online or through a friend, and naturally we always want to talk about new and curious situations. Yet, you should not spread this information. It can come back to hurt not only them but you as well. Your colleagues may begin to see you as somebody who cannot keep personal information close and private, and this can severely damage your reputation as a reliable co-worker. Ignore gossip, or don't pass it on. You never know where the information may end up.


2. Communicate your Questions and Concerns

If you are just starting out at a new job, asking questions is highly important for your development. It is also the best way for your colleagues and managers to be able to determine where you are and what you are capable of at that moment. Learn to communicate with your fellow staff and you will be able to form a closer bond with many of them. Not only that, telling your co-workers what is on your mind, what is concerning you, or asking questions, allows them to know you don't know what to do. Struggling alone helps nobody, so always ask questions and communicate your feelings. It will benefit you and your colleagues far more!


3. Keep your Space Tidy

You'd be surprised just how annoyed you would be if somebody sitting at your desk didn't keep in control of their belongings. In compact office jobs, sometimes tempers can brew if rubbish is left on desks and the floor, or a workplace simply isn't kept neat and tidy. Many people wish to work knowing they won't trip over others' belongings, so be sure to tidy up after yourself and look after your workplace. Others may notice your dedication to keeping the office clean, and will be very thankful for it. A little bit of extra praise is never something to be sniffed at either.

It also pays to be mindful not only of cleanliness but what environments your colleagues prefer to work in. If they don't like a lot of noise, try not to play music or talk on the phone all the time. For those who like having the radio on to be productive, don't just go and turn it off without consulting them. Noticing these little things will take you a long way towards establishing a good relationship with your colleagues.


4. Be Understanding of Different Personalities

Not everybody will have the same personality as you – and that is often why we learn to develop great relationships with one another. At times, however, personalities may seem to clash and tension can be drawn out. It is your responsibility to understand your workmates' personalities and realise you may not be friends with everybody on a level you may have wanted. That is perfectly fine. What you need to do is take a professional approach and not let personalities get in the way of your productivity and theirs. Be kind and courteous, and you will be able to work well together no matter the differences.


5. Take Your Responsibilities Seriously

Nobody wants a co-worker who doesn't pull their own weight from day one. You will be part of a much larger machine in your company and there will be expectations for you to fulfil the promises you made to your employers to do the work they hired you for. That is not to say they won't expect you to take a while to settle in the first day or two, but once you have done this it is very important to keep your word. Your colleagues will be both your best friends and biggest judges. If you say you will do something for them, make sure you do it. It could be that the job you have taken on is something they need finished to be able to continue a larger job. If you don't fulfill your promises, you will set them back, and their trust will start to dwindle. You do not want this to happen – and neither do they! Your colleagues will always want to ensure they have a good relationship with you, so you will all do your best to make sure the business doesn't suffer. Keep your promises, work hard, and prove you are a reliable link in the chain. You will gain far more support this way.


6. Be Nice!

Above all, be nice to your colleagues and don't let them down. Being a kind, courteous person doesn't take much, and many other employees will appreciate a casual 'How are you?' or 'Do you need help?' every now and then from you. Be aware of your surroundings, be kind and welcoming, and approach your colleagues with confidence and a smile. Kindness goes a long way!

Keeping these tips in mind will help you on your way to building a great relationship with your colleagues and make you much happier in your job. Need more advice on your job search, or just looking for a brand new job? Search recruitment agencies Manchester, our recruitment agency Glasgow, and elsewhere in the UK have great services for you to find the perfect job. Contact us today at Search for more information and personalised help, or search our wide variety of available jobs today.

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