8 Ways To Boost Productivity in Administration Jobs


Time can often feel very limited in a working day. Businesses are all too aware of the need to boost productivity among staff to ensure that everyone is doing their fair share of work. Having clear targets for the entire team can help to keep everybody on track, but there are times where productivity and motivation among staff can start to waver. How can an employer boost workplace productivity in a positive way that will promote a more efficient attitude to the jobs in question?

1.     Assign Specific Tasks

For each employee, clear-cut daily tasks should be outlined for completion that day. Having a list of crucial tasks for each employee will help to make sure that the most important working tasks of the day are completed, and to the high standard expected. There is little time for slacking off in a pre-defined schedule, and as an employer you should work to promote the expectations you hold for your staff each day. Accountability for individual responsibilities helps the rest of the business in the long run.

2.     Keep in Touch and Provide Feedback

Checking in on your staff’s progress through the day needn’t be a constant over-the-shoulder experience for administration jobs in Manchester and elsewhere. In fact, it could be a simple ‘How are you doing?’ after lunch that can help you stay on top of your staff’s progress and provide more incentive for your staff to work harder. Just be careful not to fall into micromanagement.

3.     Provide Adequate Breaks


You cannot expect a team to work well every hour of the day without a break. Be considerate of your employees’ needs and show yourself as a manager who cares about the wellbeing of their staff. Having five or ten minute breaks during the day can help ease the mind and provide enough of a break to help an employee gain the small boost of relaxation they were needing to keep their activity levels up. Retail jobs and others, including PA jobs and waiting staff jobs, where employees are on their feet for much of the day also require small breaks.

4.     Motivate and Reward

Your staff want to know they are doing a good job when they have been working hard for the business. Receiving little feedback can be detrimental to their motivation, and as such there should be ways for you to encourage and motivate employees with reward incentives. Gamification in the workplace has become a new concept that a number of business have started to embrace. It is where workplace tasks are made into a ‘game’, with rewards given for the completion of tasks to help motivate workers. Let your staff know that you value them as people, not machines, and show your appreciation for a job well done.

5.     Use The Right Equipment


Employees may often feel they are unable to complete tasks because they do not have adequate, modern equipment. Administration jobs and others including customer service jobs in Sheffield require a certain amount of equipment to help with completing daily tasks. Paying attention to the needs of your staff while also examining how to improve working life with new apps and project management programmes could help drive more productivity and pride in the workplace.

6.     Update Offices

Speaking of workplace pride, did you know that productivity can be linked to the working environment itself? Indeed, an office that is full of out of date machines, has little more than cold grey walls, and is quiet can create an unwelcome atmosphere, putting down your employees in the process. A lick of paint and some attention to what your staff would like to see in their workplace could go a long way to boosting your business’s output.

7.     Talk to Your Staff


It is important for you, as the manager, to reach out to your staff and ask if they are doing well. Sometimes it can take a bit of outreach to make them be able to come forward with any pressing concerns that could be hurting their own motivation and that of those around them. Opening yourself up to talking, too, can help you to establish yourself as an approachable manager who is looking out for all staff. This in itself can be a great boost for productivity when your assistance is used.

8.     Offer Remote Working Opportunities

Some employees may not naturally thrive in an office environment, or have home situations that require a lot of their attention. Having an option for employees to work from home, even for a day or two of the week, can actually help to improve their productivity and allow them to be more motivated for the day. The extra hour spent in bed rather than on the work commute can energise them and again shows you are caring towards their social needs.

Be Mindful of Your Employees

Your staff work hard for you every day, and it is up to you whether you are to be a manager who will treat them well or will fail to implement the right changes. Your team is only human, and setting realistic targets while being open to talking and listening will help you to keep that team feeling more at ease and capable of working to the deadlines. At Search Consultancy, one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK, we can help you to find the right staff to fit in with your motivated team and guide you on the path to being an employer of choice. Contact us to find out how to make the most of your recruitment process.

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