6 Ways to Spot the Best Candidate

You have done the hard part in looking for your next bright employee. You have set out a great job advertisement, sold yourself well, and outline the job as best you can. Now comes the tricky part. Managing to sift through all of the candidates that apply to your advertisement can be a struggle even for seasoned employers. It can be even trickier for a small business looking to expand for the first time and take on new professionals into the fold.

Realising there are ways to spot the ideal candidate among a sea of applications is the first step to hiring that person. It is hard, but with perseverance and the ability to read through the applications with a critical eye, you will be sure to find the best candidate who has applied for your position. At Search recruitment agency, we have compiled 6 different ways to help you spot the best candidate for your jobs.

1.     An Impressive CV Layout

Sometimes just looking at the content isn’t enough. The layout of the CV itself can be a great indication of the work ethic of the candidate. A hasty, sloppily put together CV can often show that a candidate has not taken the time to consider how they are coming across on the page. Yes, they may have some relevant skills, but so does the person who took the time to give you a well laid out CV and obviously thought through their presentation. Side by side, you can see which candidate you would prefer.

2.     Literacy

Particularly in jobs that require a lot of writing, there is a need for candidates to display a good level of literacy. Being unable to spell or use proper grammar can look unprofessional in a job requiring a lot of literacy. Assess the levels of literacy required in your job and see which candidates match or exceed those requirements to weed out candidates who do not fit your standards and choose from those left behind.

3.     Confidence

You will always be wanting a new member of staff who is confident and ready to go from day one. This can often be demonstrated in a telephone or in-person interview. A lack of shyness can show that a candidate is very sure they can complete the required tasks and fulfil the job description perfectly. On the other hand, be careful with candidates who seem a little too confident and borderline on cocky. An employer needs to be in control of employees, and cockiness can be detrimental to you and to the team dynamics.

4.     Personal Presentation


The best candidates will really want to impress you. This includes how they present themselves in an interview. Your ideal candidate will often come dressed to impress. Those who do not may show a lack of care, but try not to let this colour your decision too much. Some may be doing their best, so always give every candidate you want to interview a chance. You picked them and their CV for a reason!

5.     Great Interview

It will be during the interview you being to make your final decision – so ask the important questions! Ask what they think of your business, what they can bring to the job, and anything relevant that you think you need to know from them. Some surprise questions off the usual interview grid can also help you to see how they react when faced with a challenge. Give them time to consider it, and let them answer in time. The right candidate will give you the answer you are looking for, or may even challenge your thinking constructively to make you see the answer from another perspective. It depends on the type of person that you are looking for who you believe will fit in best with your business model.

6.     Passionate

Above all, choose a candidate who shows a real passion for the position. It is all fair and well having the right skills, but there will be others who display the same attributes. A few will stand out to you for showing they are determined, passionate, and have a real drive for success. These are the candidates you should consider.

Depending upon the job you are offering there will be multiple skills and attributes you will be looking for, but when determining how to find employees, ensure that you consider the above when finding your perfect candidate. They will be working with you in no time.

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