6 Alternative Job Perks for Your Employees

As an employer, one of the biggest tasks you have is that of keeping your employees happy and healthy in their working environment. It can also be a huge draw for a company to offer a list of alternative perks for prospective employees, increasing your attractiveness to candidates applying to similar companies. They can make the best candidates more likely to choose your establishment. Just what kinds of perks really seem to make candidates want to apply to a company? Which ones are the best for your current employees, too? We at Search have created this handy list of 6 alternative employee perks that our candidates seem to really love.

1.     Gym Memberships

Free and discounted memberships for local gyms are proving to be incredibly popular in many workplaces, particularly those that have a low activity rate such as office jobs. The prospect of having somewhere to let loose and expend some stored up energy in a gym where monthly memberships can become a drain on monthly wages can be an attractive prospect for more active employees and those looking to stay healthy while at work.

2.     Company Meals

Social events are a wildly popular method of keeping employees happy and showing that your company is conscious of creating a friendly atmosphere between each employee. These can range from company lunches, post-work drinks, or a paid-for dinner event every month or so. Employees often want to be able to make friends with their colleagues, and offering these kinds of company benefits for meals and drinks can improve upon employee relations greatly.

3.     Team-Building Weekends

Ever considered taking your employees on a team-building event? Across the country there are numerous places that offer events such as paint-balling, outdoor activities, and puzzle rooms that are made specifically for kindling good team relations that can be transferred back to the workplace. These are not only fun, but the applicable skills can help to increase productivity and give your employees some good memories and impressions of their team and your attitude as a company.

4.     Good-Quality Office Supplies

You may not consider this at first, but offering new, modern office supplies can prove to be very attractive to both current and prospective employees. An office filled with old, run-down technology with office chairs and tables that look worse for wear can give a bad impression and reduce morale. Pride in the workplace can go a long way. Being able to provide good quality seating, modern technology, and other new supplies can go a long way in retaining your current employees and gaining new ones too.

5.     Employee Training

An incentive of providing training can really give you a good profile when attracting new candidates to apply for your positions. Not only that, but your current employees will feel a real benefit of being trusted with new software, techniques, and positions within work. Providing training allows for your employees to be brought up to the standard you require for your company’s work, while also allowing them to be given an opportunity to learn and use new skills they can carry with them through life from your company and beyond.

6.     Childcare Benefits

For many employees and candidates looking for work, family is important and can make or break a potential contract. Larger companies have begun to offer on-site childcare as a benefit for those with small children. Having somewhere close, run by the company, can really prove beneficial for workers who need an alternative method of childcare and offering incentives based on childcare can show you care about their personal requirements and not just their work. Childcare can often be stressful to find and pay for, so by giving a place for their children to be safe, or by helping to pay towards childcare, you can provide great benefits for employees who require this attention.

At Search, we have a large variety of jobs available across numerous sectors who all offer company benefits to their employees. We have positions ranging from IT jobs, HR jobs and marketing jobs to scientific jobs. Whatever professional career move you are looking for, Search recruitment agency Glasgow, Manchester, and elsewhere in the UK are your local recruitment specialists.

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