5 Ways to Get Noticed by Recruiters

The way we conduct our job search has changed. No longer do we get a bright red pen and circle around the few that appeal to us in our local paper. Well, most of us don’t tend to take that method anyway. The most common way of doing things is through online web searches, with most people having a copy of their CV at the top of their computer documents, ready to fire off in an email away to a potential employer. However, sticking out among the sea of other people sending their CV is a hard task to conquer. The following article will give you five of the best tips to make you stand out in the crowd and get noticed by potential recruiters:

1.     Eye Catching Email

If the technological age is anything to go by, the assumption that most people apply online for a job will inevitably include the sending of an email. Try and show as much of your enthusiasm and engaging personality in that email as possible. Do not follow a template email. Use the space given to you to tell a potential employer quickly how you are the best person for the job. Most likely, these recruiters will only skim your email and have a quick look over your CV, meaning you want the first words you type in to the email to be the best as it’s probably what they will remember you by. We have some advice on how to write a good CV for those who need a little help with this step!

2.     Excellent Personal Statement

If you applied for university through UCAS, do not fear! Your personal statement is a small paragraph highlighting your best features found at the top of your CV. Yet, like your personal statement you should avoid using cliché words such as ‘passionate’ as they are dull and again give off a template effect, and to an employer that means you are not really all that interested in the specific job they are offering, but rather just in it for the money and any job you can get your hands on. Instead, be honest and tell them what specific skills you have, and how you are determined to show that through employment.

3.     A Demonstration of Your Skills

Although it’s good to tell a potential employer about all the fabulous things you have achieved and can do, you should definitely focus more on showing and demonstrating your skills. For example, if you have had a lot of responsibility placed on your shoulders in your working life – show what that responsibility achieved. Invaluable skills such as time management and flexibility always demonstrate why your experiences have moulded you as a person and what you have gained with them.

4.     Post-Application: Preparing for Interviews

It’s always harder to get yourself across in the best possible way within an application, which is why an interview is a golden opportunity to shine. Take the time when preparing to look over your application and highlight things that your interviewer may enquire about. Note down anything about yourself relevant to the job you’ve maybe forgot to mention. Although most of us hate to think about it, people do judge based on appearance so putting a bit of thought in to what you are going to wear is important as you are presenting yourself to someone for the first time and if they get the impression you’ve taken time out of your day to look neat and tidy, then it will probably also reflect your work ethic.

5.     Behaviour During Interview

Being well presented is not the only thing that is going to bag you a job. The way you present yourself as a person is also incredibly important, if not, more so. Inject a bit of humour to put yourself and your potential employer at ease and don’t forget to really listen when they tell you important information about the job. Actively asking questions also shows a keen interest and an enthusiasm for their company – always a plus.

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