4 Reasons Why Office Work Is Not Boring


For many of us, office work is a reality. In the words of the great Dolly Parton, every day we work nine to five. Here at Search, we are a professional office job recruitment agency, and we believe that office work should not be an arduous task dreaded by the best of us before going to sleep at night. Office work is something to be glorified, something you should be proud of! Listed below are four top reasons for all office workers to love their office jobs.

You Widen Your Social Circle

Although most of us don’t go to work with the incentive to make friends, some of us end up making best friends that we otherwise would not have met. Being in an office job can sometimes prove monotonous but being able to build relationships day in day out is good for social stability. Also, when 5 pm comes about, those office buildings in the city centre are often very close to a few cocktail bars…

Happy Hour

You know that feeling when you walk straight out the doors of the office, look to the left and then to the right and see someone else with the same sense of absolute relief, and then as soon as you start walking, a lot more people start to pile on to the street with one goal in mind? 

Happy hour. This time of the day was created for all office workers, no one else. No one else has such reason to be as happy as you, and of course you can bring along those friends you have made in the office - a better chance to get acquainted. Enjoy your day at the office because at the end of it, you will reap the rewards.

Lunch Breaks

What better way to completely chill out and relax in the office space than an hour long lunch break? We here at Search recommend starting off the year right and bringing lunch to work every day as it is healthier and economically friendly. Speaking of being friendly, lunch is another great way to get to know those you work with a bit better. Gathering around and complaining about the mountain of paperwork you have ahead is a sure fire way to make buddies for life.

Themed Days

This could quite possibly be one of the best reasons to love office work! Themed days bring you back to your days at primary and secondary school. That glorious last Friday in the month when you would get to show off your new jeans and how cool the little gems on your “outside of school” trainers were. Themed Days in the office are pretty much the same thing, except going overboard is left to that one person who really takes the idea of dressing in all pink to the limit, right down to their underwear and socks.


So, have we picked you up a bit whilst sitting at your desk with that paperwork ahead? Just remember that 5 pm is only a matter of hours away and then, if all those reasons weren’t enough to make you love your job, you will have the whole weekend off and to yourself. Office jobs couldn’t be more perfect.

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