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Although perhaps overlooked due to it not being popularly perceived as the most glamourous of professions, the reality is that every department in any big organisation would struggle to operate without accurate and efficient office management. Office managers are essentially the foundation of any organisation, playing a vital role in facilitating positive results, along with upholding an interactive and uplifting corporate culture. We show you 5 steps to ensure that you become an Office Manager that everybody respects and admires!

Step 1: Communicate to colleagues

Communication is highly important! As the person responsible for keeping office operations flowing smoothly, it’s your job to keep information flowing and projects moving forward. Articulating instructions and ideas ensure that staff members operate with the highest level of productivity and accuracy, thus minimising risk for error and subsequent time wasted. Furthermore, doing your best to reassure your team and other colleagues that you truly are there to help them do their jobs better, will cause them to rely on you more and trust your judgement.

Step 2: Develop your business acumen

As an office manager, you need to be thoroughly familiar with every aspect of how your organisation operates, and play an active role in facilitating and supporting any projects or business transactions. For this reason you need to know exactly how your company makes money and where you can impact the bottom line. Being business savvy helps improve your ability to make good judgments and quick decisions each day.

Step 3: Encourage professional development

A good manager will encourage professional development from everyone in the team. It is crucial the an office manager continues to train individuals all throughout their employment within the organisation, offering regular courses to update staff skills and keep them up-to-date with new technology and changing business systems. It is a good idea to perform a training needs analysis for each member of the office team. This will highlight any weak areas or gaps in their skills and knowledge that will benefit from further training.

Step 4: Treat everyone fairly

The office manager’s role is similar to that of a parent, with the need to nurture, supervise and encourage their team. Like any family, showing favouritism will lead to sibling rivalry and all the resentment, conflict and unhappiness that it brings. A perfect office manager treats everyone fairly and does not show partiality. This does not mean that exceptional performance and achievements should not be praised and recognised, but unearned favouritism will ruin team morale.

Step 5: Incentivise and set a positive example

If you are going to ask a lot from your team, you need to set a good example. As such, a good office manager should always strive to practice what they preach, without any room for double standards. Criticising the spelling and grammar in a report when your own work is full of mistakes or demanding perfect punctuality if you turn up ten minutes late every morning will lead to resentment. Make the effort to do your very best and those around you will, hopefully, follow your lead.

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