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The revalidation process has seen a large spike in the amount of concerns amongst practicing nurses and midwives that their PINs could be at risk. 

Brought in as an attempt to rectify the failures of institutions such as Stepping Hill by improving standards of care amongst all practicing nurses and midwives, it also means that a more thorough approach to renewing your membership/PIN has been introduced. 

The NMC backed process will require nurses and midwives to submit online evidence that they are: 

  • Keeping up to date with the industry’s ever changing procedures and medicinal developments
  • Maintained a safe and effective practice in their work
  • Show they have undertaken means to improve their caring standards

During the revalidation process these seven key requirements must be demonstrated and submitted to the NMC's online portal.

  1. Practice Hours – a minimum of 450 hours over a three year period
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – 40 hours of professional development (20 of which is participatory learning)
  3. Practice related feedback – Five pieces of practice-related feedback
  4. Reflection & Discussion – A minimum of five written reflections on the Code of Practice and your professional development or feedback.
  5. Health & Character – An acknowledgement of any formal cautions or criminal conviction imposed during the last three years.
  6. Professional indemnity Arrangement – Demonstrate you have an IA in place.
  7. Confirmation from a third party – Have a third party sign off the fact you have completed the previous six steps.

With this new structure in place, all nurses and midwives must keep on top of their registration details including when their renewal date is due. This is because of a more robust enforcement of lapsed and incomplete registrations by the NMC.

Currently nurses and midwives who allow their registration to lapse are immediately stricken from the register with their PIN removed in the process. They are then made to undertake a four to six week period of readmission during which they cannot work. Those who do continue to practice without a PIN could face criminal charges and long term suspensions from the NMC. So an inability to complete revalidation fully and submit it on time will result in your PIN being removed from the NMC registration resulting in a loss of income and money after paying the re-entry fee.

Revalidation may seem overly complicated at first but do not worry as in practice the process is very simple and we are happy to assist you with any problems you encounter.

If you have any questions regarding the revalidation process please contact a member of the Search Medical team in your nearest England office or visit our specialist revalidation page - go.search.co.uk/revalidation


By Jason Paterson