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You may have noticed this as you walk down your local street but there has been an explosion in the number and the variety of chain restaurants across the UK.

From huge cities to small towns, the chances are you are never more than five minutes away from a food outlet that is found in more than one location across the country. And the public cannot seem to get enough.

Public demand has made chain restaurants the fastest growing sector in the entire industry seeing a consistent six per cent growth for the past two years. A growing sector is always great news for jobseekers and employers with more opportunities, security and a greater freedom than many have seen in a long time. Chef jobs have 


What are the current chain restaurant trends?

Following a more positive economic outlook, the hospitality industry has seen a spike in fortune with greater numbers of people able to afford eating out on a more regular basis. Whether this may be an evening meal or an on the go breakfast or lunch, people are more willing than ever to use disposable income on food.

Consumer trends now tend to value quality, round the clock food rather than pure speed of service. This has seen brands such as Subway and Domino’s see the biggest expansion of outlets in the sector by opening 216 new stores between them in the last financial year.

The ‘Burger Boom’ has seen specialist restaurants such as Byron, Gourmet Burger King and the nation’s new favourite restaurant in Five Guys offer customers a much wider variety of choice and better value for money than established giants like McDonalds and Burger King.

Companies that listen to their customers and focus more on what they specifically want – which has led to a significant shrinkage in menu sizes across the country – have seen the greatest rewards translated into both expandable and profitable businesses.


What this means for candidates

An expanding business consistently creating new waiting and chef jobs in the market is almost always great news for jobseekers.

Fish and Chips chain Harry Ramsden’s is to embark on launching 300 new sites over the next five years whilst American giants Dunkin Donuts recorded the fastest percentage growth of any chain in the last three years with more to come in the next 12 months.

Because these companies are not only in an expanding industry but are also stable with occasionally a worldwide presence, workers will have little to worry about when it comes to job security with relocations and flexible working hours a common workaround. 

A greater number of outlets also allow managers the chance to perfect the best practices for better work environments.

With friendly customer service becoming another key trend in consumer behaviour, it has encouraged companies like Nandos and Greggs to introduce policies to increase staff satisfaction over the course of the year. Not surprisingly both restaurants saw a marked improvement in their profits and customer approval as a result and should encourage other growing chains to follow suite.


2016 will continue to be an interesting year for the emerging and established chain restaurants but one thing seems certain, there are no signs whatsoever that their growth and popularity across the country is slowing.

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By Chris Wayper