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A lot of people in employment will tell you that nowadays just having a degree is not enough to land you a job. It is an unfortunate reality for many budding professionals and is an issue that may only be solved by additional skills learned in and outside of work. You could have all of the experience in the world and an employer still may not hire you. Why? Well, employers today are looking for well-rounded employees who demonstrate a number of the following skills. It’s time to brush up your CV and get yourself noticed by highlighting some of these attributes.

1.     Teamwork

When we think of going to work, there is always a thought of working in a team. Who are your team members going to be? Will you get along with them? Are you capable of being a great contributor to team effort and morale? These are all skills that an employer will be looking for you to have in a team-based role.

Employers will not hire job seekers who fail to be able to work easily alongside others. Staff dynamics are important for the smooth running of any business, and the introduction of a person who cannot work with and respect other members of staff will find themselves at a disadvantage.

2.     Self-Motivation

Your manager cannot always be by your side, nor can your team always be there to keep you motivated when times are busiest. As an employee, you will be counted on to keep your morale high and be able to motivate yourself to work hard and keep learning. Anybody who cannot demonstrate this skill will more than likely not be employed. Highlight that you are a very motivated individual in your CV and put yourself out there as a trusted employee.


3.     Reliability

Are you punctual? Do you help keep your team running? Are you able to pick up the slack when the team is struggling? These are all questions you should be asking yourself – and will likely be asked at an interview. Your jobs search will be much easier when you consider just how important reliability is to an employer.

Hiring people who are consistently late coming to work, do not make an effort within a team, or are unable to hold their own in the world of work are not seen as reliable enough for employment. Stress that you are a reliable individual who can be counted on to get the job done. It could just be to your benefit, and your interview skills could get a potential brush up.

4.     Great Communication

Being able to express how you feel, what you think of a project, and how your ideas will work, are important in work. Being able to communicate with your team in a clear and concise manner, while keeping a cool and level head, can make you seem like a much better candidate.

Confidence during an interview process where you can demonstrate how clearly you can communicate to the employer may be of real benefit in the job search process. Simply speaking clearly and confidently could also help you land the job. Not bad for a very small, simple skill.

5.     Dealing With Stress

No employer wants their employees to be stressed out at work. It can be harmful to both health and team morale. Having more of a tolerance to workplace stress could be a skill that, if you possess it, should be demonstrated in your CV and across the interview. Some employers may be looking for somebody who has a little more confidence to handle the most stressful situations – particularly in customer service jobs.

Being able to show that you have a level head and are able to deal with difficult situations in a mature, relaxed manner could be all the difference you need.

6.     Creative

Sometimes, a team needs to employ somebody with a bit of a ‘spark’. Creativity is especially important for IT jobs based on digital media, and other employers will seek creative individuals to possibly start to redirect their businesses in a more positive way. Letting the employer know immediately from your CV that you are able to think of intuitive new ways of completing tasks and this could, potentially, see you moved up in the business ranks, depending on how well you adapt to the initial role. Demonstrate creativeness and make your CV different to make a real, potentially positive impact.

Create a Well-Rounded CV

Job seekers, don’t leave employment to a stroke of luck. Your employers are looking for specific skills from you, and it is up to you to make sure your CV offers as well-rounded a view of your personal and professional skills as possible. Give a little of your human side and don’t just make it professional – your hobbies and personality are important for them choosing new members of their team, after all.

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