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When considering a new career move, it’s important to realise which skills you have in order to best apply yourself to a new job. Understanding what you enjoy doing and how much time you could spend doing certain tasks is another way to establish just which jobs would be the best for you. Thinking about taking on a customer service roll can be a big commitment, and as with all career sectors, you must seriously consider if it is the right job for you.

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Working in Customer Service

As the name implies, customer service jobs are all about customer satisfaction. Speaking to members of the public is central to the role. In many positions you will be required to have good face-to-face communication skills, be literate when communicating through emails, and be able to think fast on your feet. Having a kind personality with the ability to be polite yet firm with difficult customers and situations is also a real added bonus for a customer service role.

Highlighting your own strengths and weaknesses is the first step to ensuring you are able to figure out exactly what you are capable of. If you recognise that you are great with people, can remain level-headed and calm, and enjoy the challenge of changing situations in the workplace each day, a customer service role could be right for you!

Customer Service Jobs Around the Country

If you think customer service sounds right for you – great! At Search, we help thousands of people find their ideal jobs with help from our professional recruitment agents in our recruitment agency Dundee, Aberdeen and others across the UK. Not quite sure what kind of customer service job to apply for? We can help you to discover job opportunities you may not have considered before.

For example, we have call centre jobs that would be perfect for anybody who would like an office job that has a lot of communication involved. A chatterbox may find themselves right at home with a phone and a huge client base to work with. It is known that in a call centre there are hundreds of people who are friendly, involved, and make great friends that you would feel more than comfortable working alongside. A call centre job will keep you busy and never bored. They are ideal for anybody who loves to talk to others, offer brilliant service, and maintain a good level of sales skills.

If a call centre job is not for you, you may consider retail jobs. A little more physically demanding, you will need a skillset that involves having great face-to-face communication, fast-thinking problem solving, and good mathematical skills. Depending upon the job in which you apply for, you will need different skills. A kiosk worker would require more maths skills, while a customer advisor needs to be fully prepared for customer communication at all times. If you prefer not to talk to customers too much or too often, a lighter customer service role in stocking and checkout work may be a better fit for you.

Hospitality jobs bring yet another opportunity for work that many professionals enjoy every day. Whether it is serving food and smiles to customers at a restaurant, or working at the reception of a hotel, you are required to be a professional and friendly face that can be trusted with the highest standards of customer service. If you are active, committed, and have a customer-focused outlook, hospitality can bring a wealth of job satisfaction to you.

Bringing Your Smile to Work

Customer service jobs are all about establishing yourself as a role model not only for your brand but for your team. One bad experience can damage a customer’s impression of not only you, but the company and others who work alongside you. Be considerate and mindful of all customers, smile, and enjoy talking to them. The more you enjoy your job, the more it will show, and you will be more likely to gain a positive reaction from your customers, even drawing in sales just by being considerate!

There are always customer service roles available across the country, and at Search we offer the best call centre and office jobs that are currently available. If you feel you have what it takes to be a great customer service professional, don’t wait – see what is out there that fits you and get your job search underway.