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You've made it to a brand new job – congratulations! You've submitted your application, gone through the interview process, and taken that final shake of hands to confirm your new place at a great establishment to pursue a brand new career. You've done a lot of the hard part, but you must not forget the importance of a first impression – especially when it's your first day at a brand new job. You may not know anybody yet, the managers have yet to understand quite who you are on a more personal level, and your first piece of work is yet to be submitted. It can be a scary world in a new office or other work environment. Just how can you be impressive and shine through?


1. Take a Breath and Relax

The most important step, above all, is to learn to relax. Appearing overly stressed and anxious about stepping foot into an office you are unfamiliar with can give the impression you may not want to be there in the first place. Try to keep your head up, be polite, and smile to your colleagues. Engage in some light conversation during breaks and get to know your team. Relax enough that you can concentrate on your work without stress. Many people find that the nerves prior to starting the job vanish after a first meeting with their teams, so try not to panic too much the few days before starting. You'll find yourself easing into your new job in no time.


2. Dress Appropriately

Look the part right on day one! If your employer requires you to dress smart, ensure you have the right clothes. If you don't have what is needed, it's time to go shopping. A nice shirt and trousers or skirt can look the part. You don't need a plain white shirt either – a soft colour change every day can make you feel great and look smart at the same time. How you dress is ultimately up to you, however it is very important to take note of any strict requirements in your work. Office jobs often require smart dress, while industries like building may require certain safety gear. Hospitality jobs usually have select uniforms, as do retail jobs. Be sure to take information about dress code as soon as possible from your employer to ensure you don't turn up and give a wrong first impression.


3. Keep Track of Time

A number of first-time employees make the critical mistake of not properly reading when their first shift begins. It is up to you to prepare yourself the night before with all the valuable information you need. Do you have adequate transport to get you there on time? What time are you meant to start your shift? Can you make it there at least ten minutes early to get settled in and briefed by your manager? Always try to be early when possible and plan ahead for travel disruption, particularly if you are going to be driving – traffic jams always happen when you least expect them. Be punctual and you will take a good first step to a better impression of yourself as an employee.


4. Don't Be Too Shy – Put Yourself Out There

Your employer will want to see you flourish and produce great quality outcomes for the company, but there is no reason why you shouldn't ask questions when starting a new job. In fact, this is the perfect way for you to learn and for your employer to know you are engaging well with the job itself. Ask questions and be conscious not to waste too much time thinking over small tasks. If it needs a question, ask it – you'll do much better for it and make a better impression! Finished your tasks? Let your boss know. Creating work of a great standard shows that you are careful and quick and eager to take on more work. This is what your employer will really be looking for from you, so take care with your output and always be ready to accept more opportunities that may come to your desk.


5. Work Hard

Above all, you should try to work hard and put your best foot forward. You're there to learn on your first day, but you should always try to show your skills off and prove you are worthy of the position you were given. Work to your full potential, show what you can do, and make yourself known as a great member of the team.


Your first day at work can be difficult, but following these steps can make your day a whole lot easier and start you on your journey to becoming a valuable member of your new company. Search recruitment agency can help you find your new job today with opportunities in multiple sectors. We have a local recruitment agency in Manchester, Glasgow, and elsewhere in the UK for local advice and assistance. Contact Us today to find out how we can help you find your next great job.