Interviews with the Experts: Suzanne Wilkinson


Interviews with the Experts: Suzanne Wilkinson

Assistant Vice President- Operations

WNS Assistance 



We grabbed the opportunity to sit down with Suzanne of WNS Assistance and find out her advice to aspiring candidates and what tools she thinks are most important for those looking to develop their careers:    


  • What is your favourite interview question to ask a prospective candidate?

Describe one of your weaknesses and if you were successful in obtaining the role what would be your development areas? This is a great question, because it doesn’t allow people to use the ‘easy’ answers for weakness, like ‘I’m a perfectionist’ but asks them to think a bit more about what we as an organisation would need to provide to assist in learning and development. There are no wrong answers, but it’s good to see whether candidates have a true realistic awareness of a) what’s expected of them in the role they’re applying for and b) their own skills and gaps in knowledge.


  • Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date and why?

I was influenced from a young age to work hard and aspire to be the best you can by my family. In particular, I believe that my determination to pursue every opportunity developed from an early age has stood me in great stead as I have moved through my career to the position I am in now.


  • What advice would you give to people starting out who aspire to a be a…..

Be a sponge, listen, learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge is power! The most interesting people to work with are those who always ask questions and therefore, never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to look foolish, just make sure you understand - practice behaving like a 2 year-old with a filter. Ask why, but within reason!


  • What was the most challenging aspect of 2014?

Balancing high customer service expectations at a lower cost, achievable by being relentless and innovative. The first step to delivering our promises to our customers is to know them well and understand their needs fully. Our business like many has had to be innovative in order to stay on the front foot in terms of gaining that understanding and then delivering on it to keep customers happy – all the time being aware of the cost base.


  • In the current war for talent what would you say is the hardest thing about finding the right calibre of candidates?

A candidate that can display the right level of experience, tenure and attitude is really hard to find, and some of that is down to time management – do we really have the opportunity to fully understand the person that sits behind the CV. Experience, qualifications – they may look great on paper but I want to really believe in a person, to feel like their attitude fits the culture of my team etc. However, the market is also moving really quickly for skilled and experienced people, so finding out more is not always compatible with the speed we need to move to secure the right talent!


Thanks to Suzanne for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions. To hear more from our experts, follow this blog, or our social media feeds.


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