How To Write An Informative Job Ad

how to write an informative job ad

You have decided that you want to hire some new people into your business and now are faced with the first step in the recruitment process: writing a job advertisement. Creating the right advertisement can have an effect on how your business comes across to potential applicants, and as such it is very important that you write the best and most informative job advertisement possible. Not too sure how to do that? We are here to help.

Before you write a single word, think about the information that you would like to see on an advertisement if you were on the search for the job. What you think would attract you to apply will likely be the same for others, so it is wise to brainstorm these ideas about the information you want to give. Here is the best job advertisement formula for what to include in a great ad:

  • Title
  • Description of the company, its goals, and values
  • Job description
  • Specification of the candidate
  • Skills, qualifications, and required experience
  • Salary and location

Do not include any information you would not find relevant if you were reading the advertisement. Following this formula is a great way to keep your advertisement concise and to the point, and will help guide you to write the most informative and appealing ad out there.

Think About Your Ad Title

When posting your advertisement, you need to think about a title that is eye-catching to job searchers, but also short and sweet. Choose your words carefully to explain the position clearly at first glance and include the job location. Just make it short, easy to understand, and written with correct punctuation. You need your title to be simple yet professional, the same as the rest of your ad. Pay close attention to keywords that people are looking for in search engines and utilise them.

Show Off Your Company

All applicants want to know more about the company they could be working for and your company description is your chance for creating a good first impression. Give a brief background on the company and its business goals then move on to focus on your employees. Let everybody reading your ad know just how good your company is to them. Describe the benefits already given to your current staff and inform the reader about all the perks of choosing your company above any others. Let them know what they can expect from you and learn about the environment they will be working in. Applicants want to know you will care about them, and acknowledging that you will reward their work is a great way to impress and boost your company’s image.

Set Out The Job Description

Simply describe what is to be expected of your candidates in the advertised role. It is best to form a list of responsibilities to allow for easier reading and show at first glance the expectations that go alongside the job. Set out which tasks will be expected to be carried out regularly, describe the atmosphere and employees they will be working with, and let them know just what their work will do for the company as a whole. Make the job feel attractive and show it as a valued position that allows for great contribution to the wider business. Job satisfaction is always a good feeling!

Be sure to highlight if the position is full or part time and give an idea of the salary that can be expected. These are two pieces of information that are very important, so never forget including them.

Who Do You Want To Hire?

Let your readers know who you would consider as a potential employee and what you are ideally looking for. Try not to sound too forceful or over-optimistic and leave room for training if you can offer it. You never know if the ideal candidate may just need that little helping hand and training schemes in the first weeks of employment can be very attractive. Set out any required skills or qualifications that your position does require, and most importantly: let them know the kind of personality you want in your team.

Research And Write Your Ad

Get out there and do some research on other advertisements if you are looking for a little extra guidance on how yours should look, or if you want to keep an eye on the competition and make sure your advertisement will stand out.

Follow this guide and you won’t go wrong in writing the most informative job ad you can. Contact Us at Search for any further guidance you may require in the recruitment process.

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