How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn - With Help From The Poke


Earlier this week humour news site The Poke posted, via Michael Spicer, an article with a tongue in cheek look at how to get noticed on LinkedIn.


Despite this article being aimed at making fun of the subject it actually provided the foundations for some decent advice. At Search we have taken the previous article and added some further explanation as to how to use this to stand out on LinkedIn.


1) The Poke’s Advice

Search’s Advice

Ignore the part about cleaning the kitchen! However it is important that your profile picture shows you in a professional manner. Using a headshot is the norm on LinkedIn, and that is for good reason, as it is a professional platform where people go to discuss various topics in their chosen industry, network and in many cases look for work or suitable candidates. Don’t be afraid to use a striking photo that is going to help you stand out, but avoid using personal images that you share on other outlets like Facebook and Twitter.


2) The Poke’s Advice

Search’s Advice

It is not enough to simply bullet point a list of the tasks you were involved in with your current employer. Most likely recruiters will know the job role you are in and will have a good idea of what you do there. To add more weight and help you get noticed talk about your achievements in this role, giving quantifiable evidence, where appropriate, to strengthen your argument.


3) The Poke’s Advice

Search’s Advice

Despite some of the suggestions in The Poke’s advice it is good practice to use keywords throughout your profile. Like most search engines when a recruiter is searching LinkedIn they will ultimately be using keywords to find viable candidates. Therefore, if you are looking to work in a certain field or job role it is important to use common words within that field to give your profile the best chance of being found.


4) The Poke’s Advice

Search’s Advice

Joining groups is a great way to get involved in industry discussions. Unlike what The Poke suggests you don’t want to be too forward or obvious of your intentions in these arenas. However it is a great way to show your knowledge and experience of a particular topic and enhance your reputation amongst potential employers.


5) The Poke’s Advice

Search’s Advice

Similar to the point above posting status updates is a great way to show your knowledge on a given subject. However, again it is important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform. Keep your status updates and posts thought provoking and in line to the industry you are in, or want to be in, showing that you are a potential expert in the field.


6) The Poke’s Advice 

Search’s Advice

This sets the foundation for another great piece of advice on job hunting in general and not specifically LinkedIn. Showcasing your experience and past achievements is one thing but what will truly separate you in the job market is being able to show recruiters and hiring managers how you can use this experience and skill set to work with them to achieve their goals and how you can help take the company forward.


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Many thanks again to The Poke for providing the inspiration for this article!


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