6 Reasons An Interview Is Like A Blind Date

It’s Valentines Day on Saturday!


This weekend we’ll see the release of 50 Shades of Grey in cinemas, Tinder will be in a swipe right meltdown and the little baby with wings will be firing arrows in every direction.


So at Search we thought we’d get in on the act and explain our reasons why we think an interview is similar to going on a blind date.


1. You Will Worry About What To Wear


You know the first thing you are going to be judged on (whether the interview/date admits it or not) is how you look. You need to give a good first impression and this, at least in part, will be how you look.

So you’ll trawl through your wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit, most likely there will be a few tears, tantrums and the occasional “I have nothing to wear”. But, remember it’s not really about how good looking you are, it’s about how your style fits in with their culture.


2. You Will Already Know A Little Bit About Each Other



Whether you met your date online, through Tinder or have been introduced by a mutual friend, you will already know a little bit about each other. It is the same with an interview. The interviewer has already seen your CV, and if you are well prepared, you have already done a bit of research about the company.

Therefore, you already know enough about each other to break the ice, so relax!


3.  You Will Have A Mini Breakdown Before You Go In


Interviews and first dates are probably two of the most stressful, nerve-wracking experiences you will go through. The whole situation is a series of questions and tests to establish whether you are suitable for one and other.

However, remember it’s a two way street. You are there to assess how they will fit into your life just as much as you will in theirs. So, take a deep breath and just be yourself!


4. That Awkward Moment


An ill-timed hand holding, bad joke or spilled drink is a regular occurrence on a date. When it comes to interviews is more likely that there will be an awkward silence or a misjudged question, which leads to an over complicated or out of context answer.

If you are meeting with an experienced interviewer the silence is unlikely to happen, or last long enough to be awkward. However, if you feel you have misinterpreted a question, take your time and clarify with the interviewer what it is they are asking. Don’t continue rambling with no relevance.


5. The Goodbye


At the end of the night, or interview, it is always a little awkward about how to go your separate ways. When your leaving the interview keep it professional, regardless how much a connection you made with the interviewer, and leave with a firm handshake. Do not fist bump, hug or kiss when you’re leaving (with the date that’s up to you!).

Also, remember when you’re departing to find out what the next steps are and who the best person to contact is, this lets you follow up if you don’t hear back.


6. You Will Wait By the Phone



Regardless of how well, or badly, you think a date/interview went you can never really be certain. So inevitably, you will spend the next few days waiting for a phone call, text or email!

Then when you get the job or they call you back your like...



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