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ways to improve your employer brand

For many companies, attracting and retaining top talent is a big challenge. This is a result of the increasing competition in many sectors and industries and the general tendency for people to look for positions that inspire them, make them happy and offer flexibility in addition to security and stable income. But how do you attract the best employees? The secret is creating a compelling employer brand.

What Is An Employer Brand?

Employer brand can be defined as the perception current and potential employees have of your organisation, the way they view your company and how they perceive working for you. It is an important tool to understand that helps you strengthen your relationship with shareholders and employees by effectively promoting your brand values and corporate culture. Naturally, if your company is seen as a good employer and a nice place to work, people are more likely to apply for available positions. So how can you improve your employer brand?

Develop A Consistent Employer Brand

The first step to improving your employer brand is ensuring brand consistency. Make sure that you know what you, as an employer, can offer to potential candidates. Identify the most appealing attributes of your organisation and the key roles that defined your success as a business. Use these attributes to attract and retain top talent in these key roles. Be aware of the characteristics of your current employees and try to foresee their future requirements. Also be clear and honest about the way your employer brand is currently perceived, as only then potential problems could be identified and solved.

Remember that a consistent employer brand is developed at all levels of the organisation – from HR and marketing departments to your senior management team. Your employer brand needs to be genuine, accurate and reflective of the way people in the company are treated. Only then it can create employee engagement. At the centre of your employer brand are the company’s brand values. This means that your company brand and the employer brand need to be closely aligned and promote the same view of the company both internally and externally. Use these to create the desired perceptions and to attract suitable candidates.


Communicate Your Employer Brand Effectively

Once you are clear about what your employer brand stands for it is time to communicate. Discuss it with your current employees, capitalise on their knowledge and engage them in positive brand promotion. They can help you create the most appealing brand message and effectively promote your corporate culture. They are the connection between your brand and potential employees so it is important that they clearly understand and communicate your values.

Once you get them involved in the process they will serve as your brand ambassadors, promoting a happy and engaging working atmosphere. This is crucial in persuading top talent to join you. You can empower your employees to develop projects for attracting quality candidates. Get them to write articles and guest blogs and encourage them to network with potential candidates through LinkedIn and other social media.

Encourage Your Employees to Tell Their Story

What could be more persuading to a potential candidate than current employees’ testimonials? Use your top employees and their personal stories of how they got the job and how they developed their careers to create engaging narratives. By following this strategy you connect your employer brand with the individual employees and further encourage their participation.

Use Technology and Social Media

You can use any technology or social media to promote your employer brand as long as your message is consistent. Videos and images have been found much more effective in getting people’s attention than plain text. Capitalise on that and use the technology you have to make your brand message appealing. Remember to synchronise your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and use them to communicate a consistent and clear message.


Remember To Think Like A Potential Candidate

None of the promotion of your employer brand will be effective if you do not have a well-developed application process in place. For a potential candidate this is the first contact they have with your brand. If the application process is difficult or long it could be off-putting. Test the application process yourself to identify areas of improvement. This could significantly affect your employer brand. Even an unsuccessful candidate could recommend your brand to others if they have enjoyed the application process and been treated with respect.

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