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As an employer, it is crucial to the success of your business that you hire the right person for your vacant positions. Figuring out how to choose the best from your pool of applicants can be a struggle, but following these six simple tips will ensure you find the perfect candidate you are needing to fulfil the role.

1. Find the Right Location to Search for Applicants

The first step in any recruitment drive is finding where to post your advertisements. When searching online, you must ask yourself some questions: Which websites have the most traffic for applicants to your business sector? Which appeal more to you visually and professionally? What support do these websites offer for you and your applicants?

At Search we offer the best support to our clients looking to hire the most outstanding candidates out there. Offering a range of options in the recruitment process including but not limited to skills tests, payroll services, and recruitment process outsourcing, we are the best place to start your search for new employees.

2. Outline The Role Clearly

This is the number one way to attract the right applicants and really let them know what is expected of them in the position. Providing a detailed look inside what your business offers and how it operates in your advertisement are absolutely key to allow the applicant the right understanding of not only the job, but of you as the employer.

3. Imagine Your Perfect Candidate

While this may seem an unusual tip, it is very important when helping you define exactly what you are looking for in your new recruit. By envisioning your ideal applicant, you can match prospective employees to this image for seeking out the preferred skills and qualities that the position requires. It also gives a great way for you to begin preparing appropriate interview questions. The right person will not only line up with your ideal but offer a great deal more to you and the business.

4. Choose The Most Impressive CVs

Once you have gathered a number of CVs and applications you need to analyse them and narrow down your options. A drab CV never looks very appealing to a recruiter and often demonstrates a lack of time and effort spent on applying to your position. Pick a CV that looks loved and well organised on the page. A candidate who can take the time to really make themselves burst out of the page may just be who you are looking for. Check that they have all the skills and relevant degrees required, and you will start to draw closer to your ideal employee.

5. Social Media Background Checks

As more people continue to sign up to and use social media platforms daily, it can be important for you as an employer to do a background check on your candidates. It's all very well having a candidate who is great on paper and impresses with their skills, but this could be contradicted by bad behaviour on social media websites which is often a key indicator of a person's personality. Innermost thoughts are published on sites like Twitter and Facebook, so it may be wise to ensure your potential employees also have good standing online.

6. Prepare The Right Interview Questions

The interview process can be painless for both you and your applicants with the right questions asked. Taking into consideration what you are looking for your candidates to do in the job, some of your questions should be tailored to this. Asking questions that relate to specific skills or scenarios are a good way of finding out who can think on the spot and demonstrate real passion for what you do. Finding out more about them as a person, too, is always a plus. You will want to hire somebody who really thrives in your team. Talk to them, get to know them personally, and they will know you care about them. Let yourself shine and help them to do the same!

Following these tips is a great way to help you along in the recruitment process. We at Search wish you the best of luck hiring your ideal candidate. Contact Us today for any queries about our local recruitment agencies and how we can help you find your workforce.