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We've all been there. Finding your first job is undoubtedly one of the hardest tasks you will face in the world of work, but once your foot is in the door, you'll find plenty of opportunities waiting for you. With recruitment agencies in Glasgow, Manchester, and several other UK cities, at Search we strive to provide you with the assistance you need to find your ideal job and start you on the road to recruitment. We have many employers waiting to hear about you and what you can bring to them on your job search – and we will provide you with key advice on how to show them you mean business.

1. Write an Attractive CV

The first step in any proactive job hunt is to write an attractive CV. By this we don't mean just writing a list of what A-levels or Highers you got in school – though that is a great start. There is far more to your CV than that, and recruiters will be looking for somebody with not only the required qualifications. More and more people are leaving university and college with degrees, so it's important to write a strong personal statement that differentiates you from other applicants. Show enthusiasm to get to work, let your possible future employers know what excites you about working hard for them, and be sure to show your personality. Employers want somebody who can fit in nicely with their current team – it's up to you to show you're that friendly, reliable face.

2. Create Unique Cover Letters

Finding the right type of job for you is important in your jobs search. In order to find it, you must first assess your own skills and see which jobs best fit your own personal skill levels. Somebody who loves speaking and helping other people may flourish in customer service based positions for example. If you know the kind of job you're applying to, create a unique cover letter for that employer. Be precise in letting them know how dedicated you are to winning that job position; that you're the best candidate out there; and that your CV is a list of your achievements and skills to back this up. Make yourself irresistible!

3. Sign Up to Local Recruitment Agencies

Getting your name and CV out into the world is the ideal way to further your job hunt. Your local area can provide you with numerous opportunities for work, and at Search, we have a number of local recruitment agencies you can access.

We have job recruitment agencies in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Brighton, Crawley, Dundee, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Inverness, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, and Sheffield – each providing the same levels of local professional assistance to help you in your search for your first job. If you require help in any area of your job search, we will be on hand to assist you in person or by phone.

4. Use Online Recruitment Agencies and Job Sites

To maximise your potential list of jobs available, you should also look into searching online. As technology has advanced, and ease of access due to smart phones, tablets and laptops has increased, more agencies are looking online to advertise their recruiters' vacant job positions. With easy-to-use application systems, applying for jobs has become a far less tedious process for both you and the recruiter. By registering with Search and signing up for our jobs by email you will receive daily email notifications of any new jobs that match your criteria.  This is an invaluable way of keeping the momentum going on the job search front.  

Keep your eyes open and check the internet every day. You never know when the perfect job might pop up in the corner of the usual job websites you check. Emails may not always include every applicable job, so it's up to you to keep searching. You'll find the jobs out there – keep going!

5. Apply To As Many Jobs as Possible

It seems like an old hat of a tip, but this is perhaps the most important of them all. You have to be proactive in your job hunt and apply, apply, apply. Travel and speak face to face with potential employers, ask if any jobs will be available or are coming up in their next recruitment drive, take your Cvs and cover letters with you in case somewhere is hiring: do everything you can to increase your visibility and apply to the jobs that apply to you.

If you follow these five handy tips, you will be well on your way into the world of work!

For any further assistance, do not hesitate to Contact Us here at Search for all your recruitment consultancy enquiries.