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Using in-house recruiters is a viable option for many large businesses that have an experienced HR team, but even for them finding the right candidate for a position is challenging. That is why hiring though a recruitment agency is becoming more and more popular among companies of all sizes from start-ups, through small and medium enterprises, to large businesses.

Despite facing a growing competition from job boards, social networking and internal recruitment teams, the recruitment consultancy industry is continuously expanding. Why? The answer is simple – hiring though a recruitment agency is effective and produces quality results. There are numerous benefits of using a recruitment consultancy but before we discuss them in depth we need to define what recruitment agencies actually are.

What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies or employment agencies work with one or more companies to look for suitable candidates for a range of vacancies. Using a job description recruitment consultancies search for and source suitable candidates through their website, job sites, social media and network. Once a potential candidate is found their CV, cover letter and other information is matched against the requirements of the company in search of the best fit. If there is a match between the job description and the candidate’s profile the recruitment consultancy will schedule an interview to check their suitability. If successful the candidate may be invited to an interview with the company. So, how is this process beneficial for you as a client?

1.Market knowledge

Having a thorough market knowledge is indispensable in finding quality job candidates. Every market and industry offer different career development, different salary and have different skill-set requirements. As a recruitment agency, Search has the required knowledge, market specialisation and experience to attract the best people for a wide range of positions.

We have 13 offices across the UK that offer specialist recruitment services to a multitude of industry sectors.  Our Recruitment Agency in Manchester, for example, has individual teams of consultants who specialise in recruiting people for the hospitality sector, call centre services, office and professional services, to name but a few.  So if you are looking for Finance Agencies in Manchester or Accountancy Agencies in Glasgow we will ensure that your requirements meet the industry standards and that the position is advertised to the right audience.    

2.Extended reach

If you are struggling with finding the right candidate one reason could be that you cannot reach them. Maybe they are passive or very selective, maybe they do not see themselves as your target audience and have not even considered applying for the position you are advertising. For all sorts of reasons employment agencies could be more successful in reaching the suitable candidates.

A recruitment agency like Search has an extensive network of consultants, clients, candidates and collaborators. What we do is leverage all these to find the best match for your advertised vacancy. We have one of the best recruitment agencies Crawley residents have used and we specialise in finding candidates for the call centre, office and hospitality industries. This together with our 12 other locations around UK makes us one of the top recruitment consultants in UK.

3.Finding candidates not applicants

While a lot of recruitment agencies aim at attracting applicants we aim at finding candidates. This means that your company does not waste time in filtering, assessing and matching applicants, as it is presented only with pre-selected candidates who match your criteria and are worthy of consideration and a potential interview.

4.Thorough brand knowledge

For many small businesses and start-ups investing time and money into developing and promoting their employer brand is a low priority task. As a result potential candidates will rarely know what to expect or what kind of company culture you have, which may lead to a mismatch between your business and your new employee.

Hiring through a recruitment agency like Search guarantees that the potential candidate will be well informed about the vacancy, with real insight into the company. We ensure that the candidates we recommend do not only match the selection criteria, but also match the culture. We do that by working closely with our clients and by getting to know them and the way they operate. 

5.Budget and resource constraints

Recruiting new people is almost always connected with budget and resource constraints. Every aspect of the process from sourcing the candidates to interviewing them results in spending both time and money. For many small and medium businesses the drawbacks of the recruitment process will outweigh the benefits of having an in-house recruiter.

Trusting a recruitment agency, on the other hand, guarantees that your ideal candidate will be pre-selected for you and you will have to deal only with the final stages of the recruitment process.

Get expert recruitment support

If you are ready to go into a hassle-free recruitment experience then Search is your partner of choice. Our experienced team will help you find the ideal candidate, while ensuring that all your requirements are met. With 13 offices around UK specialising in a range of industries from Construction to IT & Digital, from Call Centre & Hospitality to Health & Social Care, we are well-positioned to find the best people for your needs. If you want to learn more contact Search and our team will answer all your questions.