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With the New Year many of us like to look back and reflect on what we have achieved and what we want to happen in the future. This usually results in people resolving to lose weight, go on a nice holiday or reconnect with old friends. But if you are a job seeker, now is the time to plan your job search and develop a good strategy. To help you with the process, we have developed a list of 4 great New Year’s resolutions for job seekers that are easy and manageable for anyone to follow.

Manage your brand

To get your dream job you need to think about yourself as a brand. The first step is to analyse yourself. Sit down and write your biggest strengths and weaknesses and be honest with yourself. Your strengths are what you will promote to potential employers. These include your skills, knowledge and personal characteristics and are what make you unique and desirable to employers. Your weaknesses, on the other hand, help you identify areas of improvement. Maybe your time management is not very good, or maybe your communications skills could be better? Think of ways to overcome your weaknesses then decide on what your dream job is and how your skills match with its requirements.

Once you are aware of your key strengths, the value you can bring to a company and the job you are aiming for it is time to promote your brand. Update your resume or CV, keeping only the things that are relevant to you and the job you want. It is highly recommended to tailor your CV for every job opportunity you apply for. Remember that outdated resumes may not be considered!

Bring everything together and create a consistent brand. This includes your social media, portfolios and even a personal website. Your brand needs to communicate the same message clearly and consistently. As part of the application process most companies will check your online presence. Remove all embarrassing photos and comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media or change your privacy settings so that a potential employer cannot see them. You do not what to lose a job opportunity because of something you said online.

Update Your LinkedIn, Network and Follow-up

Updating your LinkedIn profile is a task many of us postpone for months. As part of your New Year’s resolution it is time to cope with this challenge. Unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn is created to be a professional networking space. Your LinkedIn profile can be used to expand the description of positions and projects you have completed and can complement your CV. Use it to outline your skills, express your knowledge, show off your experience, and connect with old and future co-workers, but remember to keep it professional. Most companies will check your LinkedIn as part of the recruitment process.

Social media, LinkedIn and personal networking are ideal tools when you want to expand your circle to look for new job opportunities. Talk to people about what you do and what interests you. You will be surprised how often they might know about available positions. Do not forget to follow-up with your new contacts and make sure they remember you.

Master New Skills

Once you are clear about what career you want to pursue you might find out that you lack some of the necessary skills. This should not discourage you. Instead you should see it as part of your professional development. Identify the skills you want to develop in the next year and make it happen. You can take part time jobs, courses, or volunteer - all to help you gain the skills you may not yet possess. This kind of initiative is very valuable for employers and may help you secure your dream job.

Plan and Manage Your Time

Planning and time management are some of the biggest challenges job seekers face. You need to have a lot of self-discipline in order to manage your time properly, but it is a skill employers look for. Start with small tasks like setting a deadline for yourself and keeping to it. You can ask your friends to help you by checking your progress from time to time. Training yourself in good time management will certainly be beneficial in the long term.

Take time to manage your application process. You do not need to apply for every job opening. Instead focus on a few positions, but dedicate time to your applications and ensure that they are of high quality. With good time management and customised applications you are much more likely to get the job you want.

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