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Part time jobs are increasingly gaining popularity in UK as a sole means of income or as an addition to a diverse career portfolio. This is a result of their generally flexible working hours, lower levels of stress and the potential opportunity for a full time position becoming available in the future.

However, searching for part time jobs can turn into a stressful and discouraging experience for many people who are unsuccessful in securing a position for an extended period of time. To help avoid this situation Search.co.uk, one of UK’s leading recruitment consultancies with positions available across a wide range of commercial and industry sectors, made a list of top 12 tips for finding part time jobs in UK.

1. Focus on small businesses

When you search for job opportunities in large companies you will often be rejected on the bases that they are looking for a full time employee or that they do not have any positions available. Smaller companies, on the other hand, are much more likely to offer flexible part time jobs. Large businesses provide more benefits, but also have higher direct costs, while small employers (organisation with 50 to 99 employees) are more flexible and thus you are more likely to secure a part time job with them.

2. Target start-ups and entrepreneurs

If you are interested in part time jobs then start-ups and entrepreneurs could be the ideal employer for you. These businesses are usually at the start of their development and are often desperate for help. You should have in mind that their finances often limit them in terms of hiring full time employees, but as a result they could offer appealing part time jobs to suitable candidates. An added bonus might be working from home, since many start-ups do not have sufficient office space.

3. Expand your search criteria

Do not focus only on corporate jobs and for-profit companies. These are often reluctant to hire part time employees and have strict application deadlines. On the other hand, institutions like museums, art-agencies, libraries and many others often offer part time jobs and recruit on on-going-bases.

4. Consider government jobs

Many people disregard the Government as an employer because they are not aware of the opportunities available. In fact, the Government offers a range of part time jobs in a wide variety of areas and are often looking for new staff members. Many people manage to secure a position with their local government or city council so do not exclude these from your check list. 

5. Look through other sectors

The healthcare, education and sales sector are well-known to offer flexible part time jobs that can easily fit in a busy schedule. Many professions such as teachers, nurses and others may require prior qualifications, however, there are also a lot of administrative or support roles available.

6. Do not forget to network

Networking is an essential part of the process of finding a part time job. Use all the channels that are available to you. These include family, close friends, former colleagues and even former employers. This could be achieved through personal contact or social media channels and could be an extremely successful strategy. After all, you never know what is available to you until you have asked.

7. Be proactive

Sometimes networking is simply not an option, especially when you have no connections in your target company or sector. In these cases you need to be proactive. Make a list of target companies, identify the services you can offer or the problems you can help resolve and contact them. Many employers value such initiative and even if they do not have part time jobs available at the time, they might consider hiring you as a contractor.

8. Be realistic

Do not forget to be realistic about the time you can devote to your part time job and your ability to cope with it. Balancing a part time job with a busy schedule is not an easy task. Make sure that you are not disregarding some of your responsibilities at home in order to meet the demand of your part time job. Be realistic about the time it takes you to complete your work responsibilities and manage your schedule well.

8. Take advantage of temp positions

Getting a temporary position at a company is a great way of establishing connections and searching for new opportunities. Employers often offer jobs to people who have worked in the company on temporary bases and already have a knowledge of the business. You can contact the company directly asking for a temporary position or alternatively use a recruiter. Search.co.uk is one of UK’s largest recruitment consultancies and a leading employer of temps, with positions available in over 25 divisions. For more information click here.

9. Use job banks

Many online job banks allow you to refine your search, which is beneficial when you are looking for part time jobs or jobs with flexible working hours. However, not all businesses use online platforms to advertise their job opportunities, so when you find a company you are interested in you can contact them directly and ask for available part time jobs.

10. Write a good CV

Having a good CV is essential in your job search even if you have limited or no work experience. Put down all your experience and education and make sure that your CV is tailored to the job you are applying for. Your CV can include not only your education and previous work experience but also any extracurricular activities you have been involved in, like sports clubs or volunteer work. For more tips on writing a good CV click here.

11. Follow-up on your application

After you have handed in your CV and waited a couple of days for a response, you should follow-up. Call the company you applied to and ask for the progress of your application. This shows that you are serious about the position and is a good source of feedback that you can use in further job applications if you are not successful.

12. Do not be discouraged

Looking for part time jobs can be frustrating, especially if you are rejected more than a couple of times. That is why you should stay positive and keep applying for jobs. Once you have found a position, you will benefit from greater flexibility, less stress and regular income which altogether make part time jobs search a rewarding experience. 

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