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Whether you're looking for a new job, or you are simply curious to know what are the most popular office jobs in UK for 2015 this list will not disappoint. The top jobs in UK, ranking published by the Telegraph, is based on three main factors - average annual base salary, the number of job openings available and the career opportunities that each job offers. Here we outline the top Office jobs included in that list to help all our current and potential customers make an informed decision about their careers.

As one of UK’s leading recruitment consultancies, Search Consultancy strives to ensure that every person who contacts us looking for a job has access to an extensive list of job opportunities that will perfectly fit their requirements. But before we focus on how to get the top office jobs in UK we first set out to outline them.

1. Marketing Manager

With a score of 4.5 out of 5 Marketing Manager is the top job in UK in 2015 according to the research published by Telegraph. This is definitely the most popular of the office jobs available on the UK market. The reason for this is the high number of job opening and an average base salary of £47,000. The career opportunities this career path offers are high and the demand for marketing managers is increasing.  Some of the main tasks this position might involve are copy writing, image approval, developing a market plan and understanding the consumers’ behaviour. This is one of the most popular office jobs and almost every company needs a Marketing Manager.

2. Finance Manager

Second in the list of top jobs in UK are finance jobs and Finance Manager in particular. This position has a score of 4.4 out of 5, average base salary of £52,000 and a high number of job openings for 2015. Key tasks involved in the role are managing financial accounting, reporting and monitoring systems, managing budgets and producing reports. The finance jobs are available in every company or organisation big enough to have a finance department and are increasing in popularity.

3. Mechanical Engineer

Third in the list of top UK jobs is the role of the Mechanical Engineer. With an average salary of £35,000 and almost 6,000 job openings in 2015 this career is an appealing one. Mechanical engineer roles are concerned with construction, design, and operation of machinery and are increasing in popularity. Within this sense they fall into the category of office jobs only partially. They require some form of qualification or engineering degree. Interested? Check our postings here.

4. Sales Manager

With average base salary of £45,000 and a high number of openings, sales manager is the 4th most popular Office job in UK for 2015. Sales Manager could be a full time or part time position and is one of the office jobs that many companies require. A person working in this role has the responsibilities of leading a sales team, assigning tasks, setting quotas, planning, mentoring and hiring and firing people.


5. Business Analyst

Business Analyst is another very popular office job in UK for 2015. With an average salary of £46,000 this position deals with introducing and managing change within for-profit businesses, governmental organisations, or non-profits companies, with the primary aim of value maximisation. This is a broad role that involves a variety of tasks from data analysis to strategy implementation.

6. IT Manager

The position of an IT Manager ranks 6th in the list of top jobs in UK. With a base salary of £58,000 and a high number of openings this role appeals to people interested in implementing and maintaining the technological infrastructure of an organisation. IT Manager is one of the office jobs that is crucial in the data management and communications of any business, and can play a central role in meeting the organisation’s operational requirements. For IT & Digital jobs click here.

7. Civil Engineer

The position of a Civil Engineer ranks under number 7 of top jobs in UK for 2015. With a base salary of £36,000 this role has a high number of openings (4,137) and is ideal for people interested in design, construction and maintenance of roads, canals, buildings, bridges and others. For more information on engineering jobs available click here.

8. Product Manager

Product Manager ranks 8th in the list published by Telegraph with a base salary of £52,478. This is one of the most popular office jobs and is concerned with product management and focus on profit maximisation.  The Product Manager does not necessarily need to be a specialist regarding the product, but he/she needs to understand the technology used and be able to make the right decisions regarding its development and promotion.

9. Lawyer

With an average salary of £55,000 a lawyer is one of the top 10 best jobs in UK for 2015. This position’s responsibilities involve providing legal advice, legal representation during disputes and continuous monitoring of the changes in the legal system. Some law areas include employment, finance, property, taxation and others.

10. Software Engineer

The IT sector is definitely growing and with it the popularity of Software Engineering as a career. With an average salary of £40,000 some of the Software Engineer’s tasks include building software systems, managing a team of programmers, budgeting and scheduling. For IT & Digital Jobs click here.

Other Job Opportunities

Other job opportunities that got into the list of top 25 jobs in UK for 2015 include Human Resources Manager, Business Development Manager, Investment Analyst, Operations Manager, Recruiter, Brand Manager, Office Manager and others. This list reveals that office jobs, finance jobs and HR jobs are increasing in popularity in the UK.

How to Get Your Dream Job?

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