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Have you read through your CV recently? If not, do it now, you don’t need to wait until that perfect opportunity arises to get it right!

It pays to be sure it’s honed to perfection in terms of being bang up to date, concise, sharp and makes the most of what you’ve got.

Here at Search we have provided some Do's and Don'ts to bear in mind: 



  1. Sell yourself! Your CV has to make you sound interesting and as though you'll fit into the organisation and that you'll make a quick and substantial difference.
  2. Be positive: do not give details of anything you are not good at. Ensure transferable skills are clear without referring to them as ‘Transferable skills’
  3. Give a brief description of each business you’ve worked for and focus on achievements, detail the (positive) impact on the organisation
  4. Focus on quality not quantity – it’s a myth that your CV must be only 2 pages long, just keep concise and relevant and it doesn’t matter if your CV is longer or shorter.
  5. Assume your CV will initially be read/assessed by someone who is ticking boxes. Keep it simple. Straight and to the point.



  1. Put CV or Curriculum Vitae at the top, it’s unnecessary, use your name as the title.
  2. Display irrelevant personal information - unless it’s relevant to the job you're applying for, do not include it on your CV.
  3. Bury important information; make the benefits of employing you easy to find and to understand.
  4. Spelling errors, typos and poor grammar – it’s obvious, but it’s still amazing how many CVs are sent on a daily basis with mistakes. You've got a spell checker. Use it, but don’t rely on it as it will pick up on spelling mistakes, but not always grammatical errors! Also, ensure to have it proofread by someone else as they may pick up mistakes you may have missed.
  5. Show unexplained gaps in employment - it makes recruiters nervous. Try to ensure your CV explains any gaps clearly. 


Your CV has a tough job. It will probably be in the hands of the recruiter for a very small amount of time. Take advantage of these tips to build a CV that makes the recruiter take time to read, not just scan!


Once you have your CV fine tuned and polished why not visit our jobs section to view our current vacancies? Or contact one our 13 UK offices to arrange a meeting with one of our specialist advisors.