Interview Fashion Faux Pas: A La Orange is the New Black

Anyone who has seen Orange is the New Black season 2 episode 2 will know just how difficult it can be to create the perfect outfit for a job interview. Ok, so you’ll be attending the real deal and not a mock job fair, but many of the things pointed out in the show are actually very true!

Spoiler alerts Orange is the New Black !

When you attend a job interview, you often have a million and one things on your mind. The main thing you want to get across is that you are the right candidate for the job and so making a good first impression can be crucial.

The last thing you want to do then is turn up showing a little too much skin like, Sophia. Yes, you’ll definitely turn some heads but not for the right reasons!

Find a happy medium

Although it’s true that you don’t want appear too casual in your interview (jeans are an eternal no) the same goes for being over dressed. Turning up to an interview in a tuxedo or ball gown won’t make you look smart, just out of place!

Of course this an extreme example that (hopefully) no one would attempt. You generally want to look as smart as possible and so choose an outfit that looks professional as well as stylish.

Andy Teach, author of From Graduation to Corporation, told Forbes:“Even if the company has a laid back dress code in general, they may expect you to dress up for the initial interview. You can never go wrong overdressing for an interview.”

You also want to pick something that suits you. Leanne looked smart, but the colours she chose washed her out. You don’t want to look drained in the interview.

Presentation is key

Make sure your clothes are neatly ironed or pressed. A creased shirt or top can give the employer all the wrong impressions, such as a lack of detail or that you simply don’t care about the interview enough to make an effort.
What’s more, your shoes should be polished properly as this also shows attention to detail as well as a careful attitude.

For men , a shave wouldn’t go amiss, and women need to be wary of their make-up. You don't want to over do it with your eyeliner, that’s where Flaca lost points at the job fair!

Groom yourself

Keep yourself looking neat and tidy for the interview. Pay attention to your hair and ensure that it is properly kempt. For men, trimming beards is a good idea just to even up any stray hairs.

It’s worth mentioning body language here as well. Although this is not technically something you wear, the way you hold your body and carry yourself can have an effect on your interviewer.

Try to maintain good posture throughout the process in order to appear open and attentive. Smiling, eye contact and a firm handshake are three things you should look to do upon introduction. Remember, first impressions are important.

Do your homework

In order to properly prepare for an interview you should always do some research into the company’s background. Obviously, you should look into what it is that they do and the values by which they operate but, if you can, you should also try and find out about the company's culture or even their dress code.

A simple email to the HR department may give you some insight into how the staff dress and if you already know someone who works there then that’s even better.

Choose something comfortable

If you’re constantly fidgeting in an ill-fitting suit or outfit then you’ll struggle to focus on the task at hand - impressing your interviewer! It’s very likely that you’ll be nervous anyway so you really want to be as comfortable as possible while you're answering questions and discussing your CV.

Remember Taystee, confined to her tight outfit? Do you really want that to be you?

And finally…

Don’t let your appearance slip once you’ve secured the job. Even if your office turns out to be fairly relaxed with their approach to dress code, you can still dress well in smart-casual attire.

“Once you get a job, always dress for the position you want, not the one you have. Don’t emulate how your peers dress, dress how management dresses, if that’s what you aspire to,” said Teach.

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