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December is here, meaning it’s likely that you will soon be attending your company’s Christmas party. This annual, festive event can be a great time to let your hair down after a stressful year and interact with your colleagues in a relaxed, party atmosphere.


However, it is important to remember that this is still a formal, working event with your employer and team, so it’s imperative not to make a fool of yourself, or of anyone else.


But don’t despair! Search has put together 4 suggestions as to how you can enjoy your festivities without making a mockery of yourself;


Look the part


Yes it’s the Christmas party and it is a time to relax. But it is still important to maintain the brand image. Therefore wear something that is in keeping with the ethos of the office; look smart and well groomed, wear something a little different – don’t dress like its Monday morning and don’t wear the same clothes you wore to the office that day – if everyone else is making an effort to get changed then you should to.


Enjoy yourself


The Christmas party is a reward for all the hard work you have put in over the year so be sure to enjoy yourself. Have a few drinks, but know your limits, you don’t want to be known as the office drunk.




This is the perfect time to build relationships amongst your peers. Don’t spend the whole night chatting only to your own team. This also presents an excellent opportunity to build a rapport with your superiors. Keep the conversation light, ask about their plans for Christmas and don’t get caught up in extensive work conversations, unless they ask you about it.


It is also important to avoid getting caught up in gossip. Whether it’s about the company as a whole or individuals working within it, avoid being part of these cliques. Either as an active contributor or silent witness you will still set a bad example if the boss spots you engaging in this kind of behavior.


Avoid office romances


With drinks flowing in a light hearted, fun and festive environment, possibly with some mistletoe hanging around, it’s understandable that an office fling could be on the cards. However, you need to bear in mind that the party is still technically a working environment and that you will need to see this person again on Monday morning. In most cases it is probably best to avoid getting involved in any sort of office romance at this time of year.



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