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The emergence of mobile devices has transformed how jobseekers apply for new roles, with broadband connectivity now easily available on the move. 

Rather than waiting until they return home to continue their job search, professionals can search for roles wherever there is a broadband connection available. This helps them achieve a better work-life balance and pursue new opportunities on their commute. 

All respectable recruitment agencies have addressed the increasing use of mobile devices by making their websites accessible on mobile phones and other screen sizes. 

Here are five ways mobile devices can improve your chances of landing a new role:

1. More free time

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of internet-enabled mobile devices. After a long day at work and a tiresome commute, it is hard to drum up the motivation to start searching for jobs. 

However, if you are on your commute or relaxing with a post-work coffee, you can make your downtime more productive by logging onto your mobile device to tweak your online profile or apply for roles. 

Even if you do not actively search for vacancies, you could spend the time refining your online profiles, tweaking your LinkedIN profile or emailing recruiters for new job updates. 

2. More convenience

Rather than needing to load up your laptop, mobile devices generally boot up much faster and generally take up less space. You can use your tablet or phone to search for roles while you are sitting in front of the TV or on the bus from work. 

On the other hand, it can be awkward to find the space required to use your laptop. On a busy train or bus, it can be impossible to get comfortable and only those lucky enough to find a free table will be able to utilise their laptop. 

3. React to opportunities immediately

Some of the best opportunities can be missed purely because we forget to act on them. While visiting another city, jobseekers could spot a company they would love to work at, but then forget all about it later on. If you notice an appealing company then head into a cinema for a three-hour long film, it is understandable that you may forget about searching for the company. 

However, thanks to mobile devices, you can now research businesses immediately, take a note of them and apply later on. 

If your CV and portfolio is ready to be sent off, you could even put forward your application straight away, which will give you more free time when you return home. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, mobile devices allow you to research job opportunities as soon as you find them, boosting the efficiency of your search in the process. 

4. Pre-interview revision 

Once you have secured an interview, the first task is to research the company, familiarise yourself with their ideologies and understand their history. 

To feel confident ahead of the meeting, it is vital you know a vast amount of information about the business you’ve applied for. The day of the interview should not be spent cramming in information, but having a phone or tablet at hand can help you to go over details you are unsure about.

Mobile devices are especially useful if you have a long journey to reach your destination, as you can spend the travel time revising details about the company.