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There really is an app for everything nowadays and finding the perfect candidate is no exception. Whether you need help creating a job questionnaire, a place to take notes during a business meeting or just somewhere to scour for candidates, there are plenty of apps you can download to your phone to help source your next generation of talent. In no particular order, here are our top 10 apps for recruitment in 2014

1. Linkedin Recruiter

An obvious app but arguably a staple for recruiters, Linkedin Recruiter allows you to search and review profiles, communicate with candidates and track the activities of your team members.

The latest version gives talent recommendations in the Prospects tab based on recent activity, while offering the ability to save profiles to project folders and add notes.

There is also multi-language support if you need information in other languages. Currently, it is available in  French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

2. Tungle

As a recruiter you're likely to spend lots of time hopping from meeting to meeting, so it's important to find a way to structure your life. Tungle is a meeting scheduler that allows you to send invites, receive replies and obtain calendar updates. The app syncs with all of the main Mobile OS calendars automatically, making it easy to manage your appointments.

3. Evernote Hello

Evernote is well-known as a productivity app, but it also offers a means to manage your address book more effectively as a recruiter. When you meet someone, you can use the Evernote Hello app on your smartphone to take the person's picture, business card information and any relevant notes.

This certainly helps during meetings, with Hello automatically collecting related information about the people you meet from your calendar, Evernote account and online networks.

4. HireVue

Designed for the iPhone, this helps recruiters create interview questionnaires and then sends them to candidates. The recipient then videos the answers and sends them back when they're ready. The videos can be shared with the relevant people and reviewed, giving a 21st century twist to traditional recruitment.

5. Job Speek

If you want to maximise productivity while you're on the go, Job Speek is a must. This app allows you to create job listings and post them to search engines, in addition to creating a 60-second hiring message.

6. The Hire Syndicate

Founded in 2009, this app is a bit more technical. It's a split recruiting platform, with members of syndicates forming pods with people they know. Within this community, requisitions can be shared, open job orders placed and recruitment can be done in real-time. Productivity is also improved, as the portal removes the need for tracking emails.

7. Get Talent

This app is used to help build relationships with candidates and can scan and upload paper resumes. It helps recruiters develop and manage talent pipelines on the go, in addition to providing a social plug in for candidates. This app is multi-faceted and is certainly worth a try.

8. Bullhorn

Keeping track of candidates can be a challenge but Bullhorn makes it much easier. Available on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. What differentiates it from competitors is that it has a strong customer relationship management element, which helps with the tracking and analysis of data.

9. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Time is of the essence for recruiters, so apps that help to shave off precious minutes are crucial. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is easy-to-use voice recognition software that allows you to verbally record your text or email message. This means you can quickly and easily communicate with candidates or take notes in-transit.

10. Textminder

This is another app to help more effectively manage time. It allows the you to schedule SMS reminders, which are then sent to your phone to alert you to meetings or tasks that need completing.

If you need to quickly make a note to do something, this a great way to ensure you don't forget further down the line. What's more, because it's SMS you don't have to worry about missing an appointment if you lose internet connectivity.