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Search's Scott McArthur took part in the East Dunbartonshire leg of the Queen's Baton Relay on Saturday 19th July. Scott, who is Managing Cosultant of the Industrial and Driving division, took part along with fellow Search employees Lisa Clifton, Gavin Gallimore, Diana Barclay and James Knowles. Here's his account of how the day went:

"Well Saturday in the McArthur house was a busy time, having to make breakfast for all 7 of us before we left to experience the 2014 Queen’s Baton Relay.  Our 3 car convoy left Fife at 9.30am and made our way along to Lennoxtown; upon arrival the village was quiet and we only knew we had found the meeting place when we the branded mini buses in a car park. For those that know me very well my first stop was for a nice cup of coffee to set me up for the events ahead!

After chewing the fat with family for a while the events quickly started to speed up, the 5 baton bearers on my leg all got taken away from a briefing as what to expect and how to do the exchanges etc. Then it was time to board what they call the Venga Bus! Our driver was a bundle of laughs who had his horn tooting along the main street and music blasting out the open windows.

With military precision, you are kept up to date when you’re due to take part, and very quickly I found myself standing beside my family at my designated starting point. Tina from Marketing was busy getting some pictures and again with almost no time to think I was approached by my police runner for the leg. After a quick double check to make sure I was 100% sure of what to do and when to do it, my time was drawing closer…..

After a couple of quick wee jigs and twirls in the middle of the street it was time to set off on my leg, a first few walking steps before breaking into a gentle, ok very gentle jog. I spent the entire time of my leg looking around at people watching from flat balconies, windows and road side and making sure I took in the whole experience. Just as I was settling in and thinking this was a breeze and would actually quite like running all the way to Glasgow, I noticed my time coming to an end as police runners slowed down ready for the next exchange.

It’s truly a remarkable experience and something I will treasure forever and have looked at the pictures over and over since Saturday. Thanks very much for everyone who nominated me, it really was a memory I will treasure and go down as my 5 seconds of fame!"