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From 17th – 21st March, staff from across our 13 UK offices took part in the Search Sport Relief Cycle Challenge!

Each Search office was kitted out with a static bike for the big event. Using these, teams of 4 were set the challenge of cycling as far as possible in 1 hour. For every kilometre cycled, Search had pledged to donate £1 to Sport Relief. As an added bonus, whichever team cycled the highest number of kilometres would win 4 tickets to an event at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

45 teams signed up to take part and, after a lot of pedalling, we’re delighted to report that they covered 1,452 kilometres in total – equalling a £1,452 donation to Sport Relief!  

Firefly Solar, who supplied the static bikes, also provided a handy app, which converted our total distance into an energy reading. Our 1,452 kilometres equated to 4,854 watts of energy - enough to power 65 laptops or 971 smartphones for 1 hour!

We’re extremely proud of all our staff, both those who put the pedal to the metal and those who cheered their colleagues on! Well done in particular to Team Edinburgh Faster (Andrew Murphy, Ali Farooq, Paul Curry and Bilal Oussellam), who cycled the top distance of 58.7 kilometres in 1 hour. They will receive 4 tickets to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

To give you a snapshot of the fundraising fun, we pulled together this short video montage of some of the teams in action!