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Last week proved to be an education for Elango, Associate Director of Search Scientific. He spent the morning at Salford City College talking to students at their “What Next” careers event. 

Attended by students and local employers alike including the NHS and Calderdale Council, Elango was invited to speak about the recruitment industry, offering an insight into the world of recruitment.

Here he describes what a typical day might look like…..

The Day Begins….

We Recruitment consultants are early birds. Usually landing at the office 8.00-8.30, the day begins with a coffee whilst we plan our day. What do we want to achieve from it and what are we going to have to do to get there. 

Recruitment is a people business and as such no two days are ever the same. Our main aim is to play cupid for our candidates and clients. Our clients approach us with jobs to fill and our candidates call us to help them land their dream job. It’s our job to match the two together. 

This is by no means an easy task and involves a great deal of discussion with both parties to understand what they’re looking for. Much of what we do each day is spent doing just this. 

Understanding Our Clients:

A key to being successful in recruitment is to really listen and understand their needs. We’ll endeavour to meet them face to face to discuss the opportunities available and ideally visit them onsite so we can get a feel for the job on offer and what it’s like to work there. 

This approach helps us build great business relationships. We get to know our clients, they get to know us and trust us to find the best possible candidates. It’s important that we can deal with people at all levels from Team Leader to Managing Director, understanding their business needs and challenges. 

Finding Candidates

We use a variety of different means of sourcing candidates for positions, mostly online. We use job boards such as monster.co.uk and reed.co.uk to identify people who are actively seeking jobs and we’ll contact them to talk about jobs that they may be interested in. We even use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to engage with people and talk to them about roles. Linkedin is a Recruiter’s best friend allowing us to network with potential clients and candidates.

Potential candidates are then invited to be interviewed by us so that we can make sure they’re right for the job. Do they have the right experience? Are the hours and location right? Does the salary meet their expectations?

Once we’re satisfied that someone is a right match for a job and a company then we’ll submit their details to the client in the hope of arranging an interview. We’ll then spend time helping the candidate prepare and research the company to give them the best possible chance of landing the job. 

The Rewards

If a candidate has a successful interview and is offered a job, we’ll help them negotiate their salary. 

Our client then pays us based on the salary that is agreed and we receive a cut of this charge as commission. There’s a great deal of job satisfaction in placing someone and the opportunity of earning extra cash over and above your basic salary is a great incentive. 

This business is all about the people and there are plenty of opportunities to meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds, learning about them and what makes them tick. You’ll develop skills in interviewing, sales, negotiation as well as organisational skills to make sure it all happens before the end of the day!

It’s important to mention here that any recruitment job has a sales element to it. We have monthly and quarterly sales targets to reach so it’s important that there’s plenty of activity to produce a steady flow of clients to work with, jobs to fill and candidates to source. The key to this is working smartly and keep focused on our objectives – getting the job done!

Home Time

At the end of the day we’ll reflect on what we’ve achieved and where we’ve made a difference. We often stay late to make sure we’re there for people who want to talk to us after work and we then start thinking about tomorrow!

If you’re interested in a career in recruitment, take a look at our website for further information or contact Ben Taylor at Search on 0161 835 8788.