Candidate Attraction: Top Tips for Finding ‘The One’

Part 1: Plan Better to Find the Best

Looking for a new employee? Here's my top tips for sourcing 'The One' - that special candidate who stands head and shoulders above the rest as the absolute best person for the job. Your dream employee is out there and, by making a few considerations early on in your recruitment process, you could find them.

The first steps in this process begin before the job vacancy has even been advertised, when the specifics of the role are being determined and discussed internally. At this stage it's vital to remember some key points:

  • Know what skills and experience you're looking for and feed this into the entire candidate attraction process. Although this may seem like common sense, many companies are guilty of starting a candidate search prematurely without fully understanding exactly what or who they are after. Then, it's not until they are reviewing CVs or sitting down in front of applicants at interview that they begin to wish they'd tailored the search differently. By fully understanding what type of candidate you want, and communicating this with everyone involved in the recruitment process, you'll automatically increase the likelihood of 'The One' applying for the job and being spotted when they do.
  • Don't be afraid to involve your teams in the planning process, especially those whom 'The One' will be working closely alongside. Your current employees are likely to have valuable insight into what skills gaps exist within the department, as well as the type of person most likely to fit into the team and make a positive impact.
  • When developing the job ad, share as much info about the available role as possible. 'The One' will use this as a checklist for completing their CV and covering letter, linking core requirements to their relevant skills and experience. This will allow the best applications to really stand out, giving you invaluable insight before any interviews take place.
  • Personality and culture-fit are key. Today, recruiting employers are faced with the fantastic opportunity to bring in employees who fit best with their organisational values and mindset. Multiple studies have shown that employees who share the values of their company are happier in their roles, leading to increased productivity and retention rates. These individuals are also more likely to become genuinely invested in the success of the organisation. As an added bonus, selecting an employee who fits in with your culture will also increase the chances of buy-in from the existing workforce, again to the benefit of productivity and retention rates. As such, try to emphasise the culture and values of your company in the job spec, on your website and in any other marketing communications - sharing the unique elements that make working for your organisation aspirational. 'The One' should identify with these values and incorporate them in their application.

So far, we've examined some key considerations that need to be made in the planning stages if you want to find and hire 'The One'. Stay tuned for Part 2: Interview Tips - One-on-one with 'The One', coming soon… subscribe now to avoid missing out!

If you have any top tips for finding the best candidates, please don't hesitate to share in the comments section below.


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