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Door to Door Sales Jobs. What you didn’t know...

Search talk to Dave Clarke and Ian Dornan, both Sales Managers at Search Outsourcing Solutions about life on the road in door to door sales. Dave manages a team of field sales advisors (FSAs) who promote free solar panels to households across Wales, Midlands and the Home Counties. Ian manages teams of fundraisers who work on behalf of a well-known charity supporting them with boosting their monthly subscriptions across the UK & Northern Ireland.

There’s no doubt that being a successful in a door to door sales job is a challenging role but is it what you expect to be? Can you see beyond the stereotypes and see the jobs as a tangible career opportunity like any other sales job?

Can you describe a day in the life of a field sales advisor at Search Solutions? 

  • David: The day will begin with a meeting with the Field Sales Manager to recap on the previous day and to make sure paperwork is compliant. The FSA’s also need to make sure they have enough sufficient stock for the day ahead and are given a guide to the patch (area) they need to cover.

    Successful FSAs are usually on patch for 12 noon – they start early and take breaks during the day to ensure they cover prospective properties at different times- someone may not be in first time round but there could be opportunity to catch them at a better time later in the day.
  • Ian: It’s not all cold calling throughout the day. Sometimes there will be call backs and booked appointments to attend which have been arranged to suit the customer. Working on behalf of a charity is rewarding and the work we do is appreciated by the general public and so we are very well received and respected on the doors. No two days are the same – working in different areas and meeting different people every day.
  • David: During the day an FSA may also receive coaching from their Team Leader and they will receive feedback on a weekly basis. As with any sales job, it’s important that we coach our staff and help them improve their dialogue with customers.

What do you think about the common misconceptions that people have about working door to door?

  • David: The biggest misconception is that people think that they may be intruding on privacy. They envisage they’ll be faced with rude customers and slammed doors. They also might have had a bad personal experience with mis-selling in the past and fear that this type of behaviour is a regular occurrence when it isn’t.
  • Ian: That’s right. Rude customers are nowhere near as common as people think. If you have a rude experience you just smile and be nice, don’t take it personally, we are all human after all and you may speak to someone who has just received bad news. if someone doesn’t wish to buy you move on to the next customer. Also, working with the general public can be really interesting. You get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.
  • David: Another common misconception is that people think this sort of work is seen as a short term fix with little chance for personal development. In reality we offer uncapped earnings meaning it’s realistic to maintain a great living with the added bonus of working outside where you’re not confined to an office.

The perception of the role is that it can be quite lonely – is this the case?

  • David: An FSA needs to be self motivated and able to work on their own. Keeping in contact with their Manager and work colleagues on a day-to-day basis is the key. With our charity work, we work in teams of 3 or 4 so support will always be available. Team Leader support is only ever a phone call away.
  • Ian: Also our FSAs have the benefit of being out in the fresh air every day meeting new people rather than being confined to an office or warehouse environment or being confined by 9 til 5 working hours. Colleagues regularly meet up during their breaks to grab a coffee and catch up. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in field sales?

  • David: Make sure you see the job for what it is. If you’re committed from day one you’ll reap the rewards. In this job no two days are the same so start each one with a positive outlook.
  • Ian: Be resilient. If you’re prepared to work and can see the long term prospects you won’t just succeed, but you’ll enjoy it too!

Search Outsourcing Solutions employ over 300 sales professionals with opportunities throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. If you enjoy sales and the great outdoors then get in touch as this could be for you. Call Laura on 0113 308 8060.





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