On Saturday 28th September, 3 brave Searchers will be rowing the entire length (25 miles) of Loch Lomond, raising crucially required funds for the 3 nominated charities that Search support in Scotland! Neil McKenna, Gavin Gallimore and Scott Munro from the Glasgow office have been training hard in preparation for the big event. We grabbed a few moments of the gents’ time to find out how their training is going:

“Continuing to focus on the ‘My Body is a Temple’ regime, I have been playing 7s every Monday, running twice a week (approx. 5 miles each run) and playing the very manly game of badminton once per week. This on top of juggling 3 kids, looking after a new puppy (gorgeous black lab!) and building a house, I don’t think I’ve sat down outside of the office! I am however still trying to keep up with the beer, wine and whiskey tasting that I like to make time for. We have to keep a good level of body fat in case we go overboard, we don’t want to sink now do we?!” - Neil

“3 words: protein, protein, protein! On the training side, I have been recovering from a tough injury (sprained ankle), so my focus has been on strength work in the gym, focusing on upper body and core muscles three days a week. My position is in the back of the boat, so obviously I will be spending most of the 25 miles sounding like I am paddling but actually enjoying the scenery, therefore my fitness is not as critical as Neil’s or the powerhouse that is Scott…” - Gavin

“We are doing a 25 mile row… wait, who signed us up for this?! My main objective is trying to return to my pre-holiday fitness after my recent trip to Ibiza. I must admit that I’m struggling to get my mojo back and build on the 6lbs I managed to put on in the 3 weeks before my holiday. I went from Mr Muscle (loves the jobs you hate), to having a knot in my tricep! Nobody else could see the difference though, so maybe I was imagining it! I returned to the gym after work last Friday. I must be worried as it’s pretty sad going on a Friday night! Not to worry though, my message to the team: play it cool troops, he who dares WINS!” – Scott

If you’d like to support the team’s fantastic fundraising efforts, donations to our regional charities can be made via the following Just Giving links:

Here's a happy snap of the rowing crew outside the Search Glasgow office. Just look at those smiles - these chaps just can't wait to get out on the loch and raise those funds! (From left to right: Scott, Neil and Gavin)