Search Medical launches Recruitment drive in Greece

Search Medical launches Recruitment drive in Greece

Whether it be within our esteemed National Health Service, or the country’s highly lucrative private healthcare sector, the prospect of working as a Doctor or a Nurse within the UK is something that has appealed to medical professionals from across the globe for over 50 years.

The opportunity to earn a good salary in the UK is undeniable and that, combined with the world-renowned training within university hospitals and the private sector, has enabled the UK to become a hub for medical staff from all over the World.

For this reason, Search Medical is gearing up for the launch of their recruitment drive in the British Council’s Career Fair in Greece on 6 May – Thessaloniki and 7 May – Athens.

Representing Search will be a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable healthcare recruitment specialists with a proven track record of placing healthcare professionals in both NHS trusts and private hospitals across the UK.

The team will be aiming to consult and recruit healthcare professionals to roles that currently have a shortfall of staff, such as Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals at all levels.

The influx of overseas workers into the country’s medical sector over the years has made for a culturally diverse workforce, meaning that the transition into the UK is often a pleasant and easy process. In scouting for talent, our consultants will advise potential candidates on how to adjust and re-locate to the United Kingdom, offering advice on the opportunities and benefits of being part of the country’s medical workforce.

Lisa McLean, Director and Head of Search Medical, said: “We are fully aware of where the skill shortages lie within our healthcare sector. It is our hope that by extending our recruitment campaigns overseas, we will increase the volume of high calibre candidates -who are the best within their profession - to support our current and future clients within the UK.”

“Working closely with our clients, we understand their need to recruit for the hard to fill posts. Our team of Managers and Consultant’s involved in this project possess thorough and in-depth knowledge of their specialisms and the requirements to ensure a smooth transition for both healthcare professionals and clients.”









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