Search commends professional growth in Career Ready youth

Search commends professional growth in Career Ready youth

Search Consultancy’s 2017 training and mentoring programme with Career Ready came to an end in July, with remarkable progress and professional development demonstrated by this year’s intake of participating sixth year school students.

Career Ready is a UK wide charity that links employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. The organisation facilitates valuable professional networks of support and encouragement for young learners, which has proven to help participants to become confident employees after school, college or university study.

Search’s partnership with the Career Ready programme kicked off in 2015, after which the recruitment agency’s appointed mentors met with and trained five students over the course of two years.

The programme was launched with an introductory meeting, after which the students were acquainted with their Search mentors. This was followed by five additional training and mentorship initiatives at Search.

Students were given a tour of Search, along with a break down of the agency’s roles and opportunities. The tour was concluded with a masterclass on how to professionally progress within the agency.

Shortly thereafter, the students were offered advice on how to organise an effective study schedule for exams and how to prep themselves for interviews. They were given a comprehensive overview of the employment screening process, after which they underwent mock interviews. This was then followed by a four-week internship scheme at Search, whereby the team of five students were tasked with a research project on how millennials utilise social media to conduct their job search.

The project was concluded with a group presentation to an audience of 15 staff members from Search’s HR, Marketing and Finance Departments.

The presentation was a tremendous success, with many in the audience commending the young people for their passion and professionalism.

June Fraser, Search’s Senior HR Officer said: “It was a fantastic presentation overall. Each of the interns relayed the information in an extremely engaging and clear manner, which not only demonstrated passion, but a good grasp of the subject matter. They presented a variety of excellent ideas could realistically be utilised within Search.”

“I was impressed! They were engaged and had a confident, credible presentation style. Their presentation was informative with a solid mix of factual information, new ideas and innovative solutions,” said Rhona Deb, Search’s Marketing Delivery Manager.

Search Consultancy eagerly anticipates future initiatives within the Career Ready programme, which is to be concluded shortly before the students graduate in April 2018.





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