Search supports RECLAIM's Fairer Futures Initiative!

Search supports RECLAIM's Fairer Futures Initiative!

Search has pledged their support to RECLAIM in the launch of Fairer Futures – an initiative that acknowledges that leadership potential exists within young people regardless of post code or income.

The Fairer Futures report was hosted by KMPG in Manchester on Friday 25th November. The report included research conducted with employers in media, politics and business, exploring barriers in accessing working class talent.

Search representative and Senior Divisional Manager for Accountancy and Finance, Michael Quinn, noted that that only 1 in 8 children from low-income backgrounds are likely to become a high-income earner as an adult, while Val Garside, HR Director from Penguin Random House spoke about their commitment to diversity in the workforce and argued that the books industry will become irrelevant if it continues to fail to reflect the society we live in.

Michael Quinn speaks about Reclaim's fairer futures initiative    

Kate Ramsey speaks about Reclaim's fairer futures initiative

Kate Ramsey, Fairer Futures Programme Lead at RECLAIM, said: “I am delighted that Search consider the Fairer Futures initiative so important, and the thought already put into Search's adoption of Fairer Futures findings was evident in Michael Quinn's presentation at our launch.”

What really drove the issue home however, were the lived experiences delivered by passionate, young Fairer Futures representatives. Each story highlighted the real and perceived challenges that young people from working class backgrounds face when mapping out their respective career paths.

    Young students as representatives for Reclaim's fairer futures initiative

Jesse Williams spoke about his journey from a working class community in Hackney to study law at university. He argued that his three A's at A level, achieved without a teacher in one of his classes for half the year and in class sizes of 30, are not the same as three A's from Eton. Rachael Gibbons spoke about her aspirations of having a career in politics and how this can seem unattainable for a young woman from a council estate in South Manchester.

As advocates of recruiting for attitude, Search has committed to working with local businesses to ensure that post codes no longer dictate a person’s chance of pursuing the career of their dreams and reaching their highest level of potential. As such, we pledge to educate our clients about social mobility, promote career progression in lower paid roles, promote inclusive recruitment procedures, invite clients to participate in research and raise awareness through social media.

But that’s not all! Because we acknowledge that a person’s career future is largely determined by the learning and development stages of their life, we also pledge to offer our support to students in schools and colleges by inspiring and motivating them to pursue their career aspirations, and ultimately feel confident and empowered to reach their full potential. This will be achieved by us offering CV workshops, information on where to look for work, information on how to create a successful application, interview prep coaching, information on how to make a positive first impression and how to land the job of their dreams.

“Search will influence and support other employers to adopt our manifesto points in their own policies and practices. In addition, they will actively help working class young people to increase their employability, gain access to work and ultimately fulfil their potential,” said Kate.

We look forward to working alongside Fairer Futures to raise awareness regarding the challenges that individuals from working class backgrounds face, and ensure that these young, passionate and driven individuals can race towards a fairer future!

Find out more about Fairer Futures here!

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